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Georges Moustaki

Georges Moustaki: Adieu Milord

By Adrienne Benassy

Georges Moustaki, the singer of 'Le Métèque', passed away on Thursday 23 May 2013 at the age of 79. This event deeply touched  French people and musicians, and many tributes were paid to this iconic music figure. FranceInLondon revisits the life of this exceptional artist with a selection of his songs.

Born on 3 May 1934 in Alexandria (Egypt), Georges Moustaki, whose real name was Yussef Mustacchi, was very influenced by his Mediterranean up bringing; both his parents were Greek. However, he did not speak his mother-tongue very well; "the exile language" as he used to call it but preferred to speak French to the extent that he mastered perfectly the nuances and subtleties of the language. People remember him as a poet, a song writer and a musician and especially for his song 'Le Métèque'.

Not only did he write his own songs, but he also wrote amazing songs for other great artists. One of his most famous partners was his former mistress, Edith Piaf for whom he wrote, Milord. 


Moustaki also had an affair with the singer Barbara and wrote 'La Dame Brune' (The Brunette Woman) for her which they sang together. 


In 1970, he composed 'Le temps de vivre' (The time to live) which featured in the film directed by Bernard Paul, who adapted it from André Remacle's book. 



Later on, he met Serge Reggiani, who was dreaming of becoming a singer and he composed a few songs for him, including "Ma Liberté" and "Ma Solitude". 



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