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BB Bakery
Food / Wine

BB Bakery: Parisian chic meets English excentricity

By Adrienne Benassy

A few yards from the bustling crowd, through the quiet streets of Covent Garden or Countyhall, an eye-catching display appears as a surprise to passers-by. In a modern Marie-Antoinette tearoom style, gorgeous bells hiding sweet marshmallows and splendid pyramids adorned with meringues, macaroons and flowers, immediately plunge the visitor into the refined and extravagant atmosphere of BB Bakery.

Two letters, that seem to stand for Brigitte Bardot, reminds us of the Parisian chic while the British touch lies in the word “Bakery”. By itself, the title is at the intersection of two worlds, Saint-Germain-des-Prés and London. And, as soon as one steps through the door, this first impression is well and truly confirmed. Young, elegant and slender silhouettes, in the style of Kiraz’s ‘Parisiennes’, cover the walls, adding a touch of Parisian trendiness to the cosy atmosphere. In every corner, the attentive visitor will also notice the numerous teapots, which are there to give the best salute to British tea. 

The menu also reflects this exquisite blend between France and the UK. In the morning, you will be able to have your coffee with scrumptious French croissants, pains-aux-raisins and pains-au-chocolat, or tea with typically English cupcakes, muffins, scones and cookies.

As for lunchtime, the menu offers exquisite quick dishes, including sandwiches with ham, salmon or in vegetarian and Italian style. There are also quiches, the French bistrot recipe “Oeuf Cocotte”, some seasonal salads, all accompanied by the best French bread. But if you do not have time to enjoy a delicious lunch, you can treat yourself to an afternoon tea a bit later. 

Classical cakes will enchant the taste buds of traditional visitors, whether they want to try out succulent French recipes, such as the Opera cake, or Anglo-Saxon ones, such as the yummy carrot cake.

If you are a bit more daring, BB Bakery bursts with creativity and blends flavours in a exquisite manner. You could have a taste of the Summer in Paris cake which deliciously marries raspberries and cream with a crispy cake base, but all their cakes are utterly appetizing and you will not know which one to pick. But whatever your choice, it will go perfectly with a nice cup of tea and you will be delighted to see the number of different kinds the BB Bakery has to offer. Most of all, it is important to note that all the food is cooked on the site by French pâtissiers with fresh quality products.

BB Bakery is the new place that mixes French and English cultures, and will be perfect for meeting up with friends, for business meetings or any kind of event. The shop in Covent Garden, with two floors, offers a more intimate and cosy atmosphere while the County Hall boutique, opposite Big Ben and Westminster, looks more like a chic and relaxed restaurant. But, wherever you choose to go, the BB touch is still omnipresent, with incredible Parisian designs, a wonderful attention to detail and a relaxed atmosphere that makes the whole experience extremely enjoyable. 

BB Bakery in Covent Garden

BB Bakery Covent Garden
6-7 Chandos Place
London WC2H 4HU


BB Bakery in Countyhall

BB Bakery Countyhall
Belvedere Road
Countyhall Riverside Building
London SE1 7PB


27/06/2013 - smbarnard_de said :

Cool! I will be there soon!


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