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Flatsharing - London

By Flatmateclick

How to find the perfect flatmate / flatshare?

Where can I find a spacious and cheap flatshare with friendly flatmates?

This is the question that many flatmate /flatshare seekers asked themselves every week. Inside the Greater London, apartments in general are rare and overpriced. Besides the financial necessity of finding a cheap room, finding a flatmate you want to live in with or a friendly houseshare might even be the first most difficult step.

How do I know if the flatmates are friendly and ready to live with me and other housemates?

Potential flatmates are matched according to their specific preferences incorporating geographical preferences, financial parameters and lifestyle attributes thanks to many online services or thanks to a lot of physical specialized agencies.

But, living in shared space is much more than that: having a cleaning schedule, a party rules book (no music after 1.00 am during the week days could be the headline) are among the issues that every housemates will face. Unfortunately many house shares don’t necessarily have a washing machine, which brings to the table another issue: who’s going to do the washing up? A very friendly rule can fit the personality of each: how about doing the dishes for all if you haven’t cooked anything? The lucky and skillful cook will in a way be free from this painful task.

The most amazing experience that can ever happen to you as a flatmate was described by Cedric Klapisch with his worldwide known movie called “L’auberge Espagnole”.
Sharing an apartment with flatmate and housemates form different backgrounds and nationalities makes you learn more about yourself and about the others. Far from the typical cliché that one given to other nationalities; you just learn from one each other.

How do I found out more about future flatmates?

Flatmateclick shows many pictures of future flatmates, which gives you a first look of who you will live with.  Tips on how to look for the right flatmate are available as well as Testimonials from friends of the future Flatmate. Testimonials are a great tool to evaluate the right person you want to live with, knowing what others say about him or her. Flatmateclick prides itself in offering its users a fusion of innovative unique services and unparalleled services.

How do I start finding a flatshare/flatmate?

We recommend you to visit the website and start to advertise your room for free. This way you will be able to search through all the listings or get contacted by others. To find more information about “How to find the perfect flatmate / flatshare?”Click here. Best of luck in your search!!!


25/01/2010 - shieldon1029 said :

How to find a perfect flatmate/flatshare?

This is the number one question that people interestested in a flatshare always look for answers.

For me there is really no perfect thing with regards to this matter. We can find excellent flatmates or a houseshare environment but not perfect. Yous see, along the way you can't avoid to have arguments with your flatmates since you guys for sure has some differences and egos to deal with.

So yes, I agree that each one of the flatmates should know each other's culture and backgrounds. To better understand each other and to be able to minimize the arguments and misunderstandings.


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