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By laurent laurent

Halloween and its rise in cloudy England and sunny France

Obviously in London, Halloween has been going strong over the last 15 years. I still remember the days when kids used to ring at the door asking for a penny for the guy. This has now been replaced by trickle treating on Halloween night. My children and their friends think of Halloween as one of the essential yearly event. Missing Halloween would not go down well. Whilst I find that the rise in the number of kids going around town trickle treating is understandable because after all we take on most things from the US.

I find that rather more surprising for France and yet, children there have taken to celebrating Halloween in masses. Small seaside towns such as Houlgate in Normandy have the Mairie organising parade and followed by snacks at the town hall for the kids. Children in the centre of Paris go around trickle treating and shops have baskets of sweets waiting for them. Is this strange or is this just part of life. Children taken on whatever they think is great and fun and this happens from the US. 

Good ideas for Halloween in London:

London Dungeons

Deep in the heart of London, buried beneath the paving stones of historic Southwark, lies the world's most chillingly famous horror attraction.
The London Dungeon brings more than 2,000 years of gruesomely authentic history vividly back to life....and death.

Visit the Website

Halloween on the Canal

It’s worth checking out Halloween at the London Canal Museum this autumn. In conjunction with Camden Canals, they have organised a wickedly spooky boat trip through the Islington tunnel.

The old boats will be decked out from bow to stern with Halloween decorations. Staff dress up as creepy characters and animatedly entertain all the passengers with gruesome tales. Disappearing into the depths of the long dark tunnel is enough to give the bravest of voyagers the jitters. Expect bloodcurdling sound effects and a number of unwelcome surprises throughout the journey through the 886m pitch black channel. Dazed passengers will emerge the other side on a pretty part of the canal near Upper Street, Islington. Be warned, you’ll have to brave the perils of the tunnel, once again, on your return.

Halloween Walk

Twilight creeps through the narrow alleyways and hidden courtyards of the old, old city. Its gnarled fingers unlock ancient secrets of dark deeds that lie entombed behind crumbling walls. It whispers into the shadowy recesses of a forgotten part of London, disturbing the sleep of the long departed, and the City of the Dead stirs once more into ghostly, ethereal life.

Fright Nights: Thorpe Park

Darkness is looming and something wicked is coming this way. Fright Nights are back for 2006, and this year promises to unleash more terror than ever before.  From 13th – 31st October, Thorpe Park will transform into a world of shocks and screams.


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