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Akteo Designer Watches

By Patricia Connell

France Designs Ltd is pleased to present these designer watches, perfect as gifts, or purely for self-indulgence! The collection can be viewed and ordered at . The music collection and medical professions are now available at Foyles bookshop in the relevant departments at 113-119 Charing Cross Road (Tube Tottenham court road)

Created in 1993 by Jean Christophe Mareschal, each AKTEO watch expresses a theme - the arts, paint, haute couture, literature, cinema, music, gastronomy, professions, civilisations, nature, animals, family, love, astronomy, esoteric, the fantastic, many sports, games, and passions. This collection is unique in horology, with over 300 (protected) designs.

Jean Christophe plays with time for our amusement. Each design catches the eye and offers a way to express ourselves. The AKTEO watch is a symbol of recognition that allows us to demonstrate our passions and interests.

Each design is unique, but they all have in common the same manufacturing quality, sophistication of design and attention to detail. Exclusively French, AKTEO watches are made with respect for the horology tradition in Besançon. With steel or titanium cases, mineral glass and Swiss quartz movement, they are generally waterproof to 50 metres and guaranteed for 2 years. All watches are designed, assembled and tested in Besançon, capital of French horology.


'Whatever your passions in life, you will find designs in this collection to match them. To celebrate spring, we recommend the Nature and the Sports selections.'


10/04/2013 - Aouf13 said :

Want to know the prices of these watches and where to buy in london

16/10/2012 - vgendron said :

I just won one of these beautiful golf theme watches, can anyone tell me how to set it, only one hand moves.

28/02/2012 - europelux said :

You can buy Akteo watches at
Best regards

23/10/2011 - danhagberg_ said :

If you want to buy AKTEO watches and for good price, this is my recommendation:

Rellay cheap price, even though shipping is not for free,
They have all the models as well,
All the best
Dan Hagberg

23/10/2011 - dan.hagberg said :

If you want to buy akteo watches really cheap this is a killer page:

The shipping from Poland is not for free but with those prices....

10/09/2011 - angele18usa said :

can you please tell me how much I can get for my wach AKTEO J.C MARESCHAL DESIGN,WALL STREET DESIGN.thank.

10/09/2011 - angele18usa said :

I have akteo wasch wall stree design;;can you please tell me how much I can get for this watch,thanks.Eduardo

16/03/2011 - kimiss_2004 said :

I have a akteo watch in great conditionone of the hands is a sword and the other a feather and at the 12 it is a balance, was woundering where i could find out what it is worth.

15/03/2011 - rclock6 said :

Hi , does anyone know if there is a collectors club for Akteo watches.Mike

21/02/2011 - doctorauubch said :

I just checked the Akteo web site in the states. It was the supplier of Akteo in the States gone out of business not the Akteo in France. You can contact them @

21/01/2011 - je_woodward said :

Hi,can anyone replace the "Electrician" Akteo watch under guarantee having bought for Christmas ?

06/09/2010 - mwizardm said :

I'm confused! - I was told by my local jeweler that Aktea Watch Company had gone out of business and no longer was making product. Are the the products you are offering leftover inventory or is my jeweler mistaken?
Best Regards,
Michael Mezzanotte
Raleigh NC USA

25/01/2010 - pearlmerritt said :

Hi, Please may I have some information on the where I can buy a AKTEO watch. I at the moment live in Madrid, Spain.

Thank you, Pearl Merritt


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