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The lastest fashion for the holidays

By Amandine Lonjaret & Laura Connell

The latest fashion for the holidays!

Summer is finally upon us (discounting the rain and the floods as well as the gail-force winds). So what better time to summarise this season's trends? You may not actually get to wear your summer clothing out this year but in this country if we always dressed according to the weather then my staple items -and yours- would be thermals and a mac and let's face it, that's never been a good look. So whatever your preferred length of skirt/short/trouser and jacket, there truly is something for everyone this year.

As seen by Christopher Kane and his vertiginous tiny dresses, the mini is back. Be it beige on the Hugo Boss catwalk or Ungaro's floral prints, there is one over-arching theme: dangerously short. Colourful and light, Ungaro's prints are a particular favourite of mine. Indeed, the flower can be seen everywhere this season. If you're bored of the floral motif, you could opt instead for polka dots. This print is incredibly versatile and can be worn either small and colourful for a classic look or for more chic, in simple black and white.
The mini isn't only about diverse prints however, you can also experiment with fabrics. Practically speaking, muslin is both comfortable and light for those swealteringly hot days. In contrast, it is likely to become transparent and cling to your every curve in the pouring rain. I also regularly add a belt to take my dresses in at the waist a bit more and to add shape. Be careful though not to weigh the dress down too much with an overly thick number. A particular shape to look out for on that note is the pleated mini. An extremely feminine number, this is definitely one of my favourite styles of the season!

Summer provides the opportunity not only to vary the length of your dresses but most importantly, their colour. Catwalks have been defined by scarlet reds and gold, baby blues and fluorescent hues. It's time to break away from a softer autumnal pallet and to take risks! It always surprises me how much my mood can be influenced by the colour of my outfit.

Yellow remains a dominant hue this season. Pastel yellows can be seen on Galliano's runway, lemon yellows on the high street in both Zara and Etam, designers have chosen to play on a variation of the colour. And what a joyous colour to play on it is! Be it a canary yellow or pastel, don't be afraid to incorporate it into your wardrobe. An entirely yellow outfit may not be the way to go but it can easily be accessorized with white or silver if you prefer.
In contrast, Valentino presents some wonderful cherry-red evening dresses. A passionate hue, red is the next best colour for summer experimentation. Go for some attention-grabbing vibrant red or perhaps a softer pastel shade. Either way, if you're still single, it's a foolproof plan to get noticed this summer. (I hate to lower the tone but let's be honest here, which one of us hasn't got that on her mind?)

If you want to be a little less wild, Calvin Klein's sky-blue can be found in Etam in a collection of darling skirts and dresses. It makes for both brilliant day and nightwear. In contrast to darker blues however, sky-blue doesn't work very well with other brighter colours. Stick to silver accessories for this number.

Now I know how easy it is to resort to black and white but for goodness sake, isn't about time we had a little more fun? I feel like I've been wearing black for years! Let's save that for winter.

Moving on to the most reverred and feared crucial summer item: swimwear. The one-piece swimming costume is everywhere, as it was last year. Even sexier and original than last year, it can be both jagged as seen at Armani or more rounded like Eres and Pain de Sucre.Either way, it is hugely flattering for those of us who prefer to conceal our stomachs.

The last item we should focus on are shoes and sandals. Obviously spartians are huge this summer. Topshop have some particularly interesting leather and jewelled ones. For special occasions, metallic hues are a favourite. If you're not a fan, you can still opt for ballerinas (as found at French Sole). In terms of height, wedges are everywhere and being far more comfortable than a pair of regular heels, they are also hugely practical for work. You can find these everywhere on the high street.

I almost forgot about accessories! You can't leave the house without a bag and the right pair of sunglasses. One of the favourites are Ray Ban Waifarers as seen on Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. These come in white, black or tortoise shell. If you're more of a mainstream girl, then Chanel and Dior have just the thing for you: the bigger the better, be they square or round. Pay particular attention to the rim. In contrast to last year, the brow line should be thick.
In terms of bags, metallic clutches are still big but be careful, these can look cheap. You're better off going for a slightly 'worn' metallic look. 

With these pointers, you're ready to go! All we have to do now is hope the rain goes- bring on the Summer!


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