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What kind of fragrance should you choose?

By Agnes Joffre


Women around the world are looking for the perfect fragrance as a major part of their feminity. However how can it be found with so many on offer? The sweets, the fleurals, the fruities, the ambers, the peperreds...  Which one should we prefer? Is there a rule? A fragrance can smell so beautiful to someone and so disgusting to others.

Above all this there is a major question: Can one really find the perfect perfume? Is there just one perfect fragrance for a woman or is a fragrance just a feminity game with which we can play at will ?

What kind of relation is there exactly between women and fragrances ? Some women find their perfume and stick to it eternally, others keep switching to find their perfect match but others just like to change as often as they change their clothes or shoes to fit their mood,  the occasion or the time of day. What kind of attitude should we adopt? If a fragrance is a major part of the feminity, what kind of woman do we want to be ? Could we play with our feminity or do we have to choose our personnal conception of what feminity is? Can we jest with choosing a perfume?

We all know that a fragrance could leave its mark on our life. We all know that what is right for one woman might not be right for another. We all know that a fragrance can be so revealing of our personnality. 

But what we don't know is how to make the right choice: Do we have to follow the trends and choose amongst the most fashionable fragrances? Can we trust these new perfumes? And can we let the trends decide what kind of woman we are going to be?  Shouldn't we better place our trust in one or more of the classics, those which will never let you down, to avoid making any mistake? Are fragrances just fashionable or not like clothes or are there some fragrances which will never go out of fashion? 


As can be seen from the above list, each fragrance is unique and destined to a particular type of women. The question is, therefore, should we be following trends or should we simply be finding the perfect match between ourselves and our perfume. Who says we have to choose one anyway? A friend of mine has only one perfume but keep on going to perfume halls in department stores in the hope that one day she will make an amazing discovery, a truly perfect replacement to the fragrance  she has now been wearing for nearly 25 years. She was once in charge of marketing for an American Fragrance House, she eventually had to leave this company simply because she could not bring herself to wearing the ones she was in charge of promoting. This is a little extreme but this gives an indication of what it is like to adopt a fragrance. It is either you or it's not. As we grow older, we still remember what our grandmother or mother used to smell like. I remember a colleague once who said to me I smelt like his mother. I just happened to be wearing a fragrance that her mother had been using since he was a little boy. Did he then see me as somebody like her because I wore her perfume? Was it a good thing or a bad thing? I never dared ask.

Couldn't we simply have several facettes to our personality and keep playing with them. True, there are some safe bets in the old guard but why not try some new fragrances once in a while and run the risk of being nicely surprised?  


Before choosing, let's have a well- informed look on what is currently available! 


The new and fashionable French fragrances


  • Dior


- Midnight Poison

Midnight Poison Dior
Midnight Poison Dior


A fragrance for the modern Cinderellas.

Intense, provocative and innovative.

Notes: rose, patchouly, amber touch.






- Miss Dior Chérie

Miss Dior Chérie
Miss Dior Chérie


For an elegant and independent young lady who plays with all the boldness of her youth.

A greedy and impertinent fragrance.

Notes: green mandarin, Strawberry leaves, pink Jasmine , Caramelised Popcorn.





- Dior Addict

Dior Addict
Dior Addict


For a sensual and sophisticated woman.

An oriental and dynamic fragrance.

Notes: leaves of Mamdarin tree, Bulgarian roses, Vanilla. 








  • Chanel



- Chance

Chance Chanel
Chance Chanel


A decidedly young scent . . . for those who dare to dream.

A light fragrance, filled with vitality and energy.

Notes: white musk, hyacinth and citron, jasmine.








- Allure Sensuelle



Allure Sensuelle
Allure Sensuelle


Voluptuous, mysterious, a fragrance that expresses the sensuality of a woman. A fragrance that is different on every woman who wears it.

A soft, floral oriental fragrance that has been created around an olfactory diamond of six facets: Fresh, Timeless Floral, Woody, Oriental, Fruity and Sunny Spicy.








  • Givenchy


- Very Irresistible

Very Irresistible
Very Irresistible


Very Irresistible unites the elegant tradition of French style with the energy and pop-culture pizzazz of American film.

Bursting with roses and infused with star anise, and verbena leaf, Very Irresistible Givenchy is a fresh departure from the traditional floral fragrance.

Notes: Centifolia Rose, Peony Rose, Fantasia Rose, Passion Rose, Emotion Rose, Verbena Leaf, Star Anise.






- Ange ou Démon



Ange ou Demon
Ange ou Demon



Fresh, sensual and feminine fragrance for mysterious women: angel or  demon?

Notes: Flower of Lily, white Thyme, Wood of Oak, Mandarin. 









  • Guerlain


- Insolence





Amusing elegance, offhand grace for young, independent, spontaneous and audacious women.

Notes:  sparkling violets, glints of red berries, rays or iris.








  • Hermès


- Eau des Merveilles

Eau des Merveilles
Eau des Merveilles



Surprising, refreshing and magical fragrance capturing the spirit of wood, the memory of the oceans and the sparkle of a constellation.

One of the most original recent creation.

Notes: cedar, lemon, pepper, rosa







  • Yves Saint Laurent

- Elle



Fragrance for women with bold personnality and both unique and unpredictable lifestyle.

A vibrantly feminine and audacious fragrance that blends woody and floral notes.

Notes: peony, pink berries, patchouly.







  •   Lancôme


- Hypnôse






A woody oriental fragrance that acts like a sensual love potion.

Perfect for women who are feminine, contemporary & sophisticated.

Hypnôse is the 50th fragrance from the House of Lancôme, and its sinuous bottle is inspired by the similar bottle used for the Lancôme classic Magie created in 1950.

The composition retains the vanilla and vetiver marriage of Magie, and indeed, vetiver provides a cool, delicately earthy facet, which balances out the sweetness of Hypnôse.  






- Magnifique




A  fragrance to celebrate the vibrant feminity, the "joie de vivre".

Audacious. Passionate. Utterly Magnifique

Infused with the spicy impertinence of saffron, the warmth of roses and the smoky embrace of exotic nagarmotâ wood.







The mythical French fragrances and Timless Classics



  •   Dior


- J'adore



For the confident, sensual woman who celebrates her femininity - this is Dior's golden girl.

Radiant, sensual, sophisticated, J'adore is a fragrance that celebrates the renaissance of extreme femininity and the power of spontaneous emotion with a brilliant bouquet of orchids, the velvet touch of Damascus plum, and the mellowness of amaranth wood.

Notes: Mandarin, Champaca Flowers, Ivy, African Orchid, Rose, Violet, Damascus Plum, Amaranth Wood, Blackberry Musk.






  • Chanel



- Numéro 5


Chanel Numero 5
Chanel Numero 5
One of the best known and most sold perfumes in the world.

May 1921. When the perfume creator Ernest Beaux presented her with a choice of fragrances, Gabrielle Chanel barely hesitated before choosing the fifth one, which was to become CHANEL N°5.

THE timeless fragrance of absoulute feminity. A bouquet of abstract flowers which has become mythical and which will never go out of fashion.

Notes:  ylang ylang, neroli, rose, jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla.





- Allure


Allure Chanel
Allure Chanel


An imaginary bouquet of fresh flowers.

Elegance is universal, but allure is unique to each individual, and of necessity both simple and natural. It was the allure of Mademoiselle, as described by those close to her - great writers and lifelong friends - which inspired Jacques Polge, the « Nose » of Chanel.

With his new fragrance everyone can express their own allure.

Notes: Calabrian Citron, Sicilian Mandarin, May Rose & Oriental Jasmine and Magnolia, Honeysuckle & Water lily.






  •  Givenchy



- L'Interdit

L'Interdit Givenchy
L'Interdit Givenchy



L'Interdit was created for Audrey Hepburn in 1957.

It is a fragrance of elegant beauty, with a playful side.

The opening notes are of aldehydes paired with bergamot, which soften considerably as the fragrance is allowed to meld into the skin and reveal soft peach and strawberry--ripe fruit warmed by the sun--on the floral backdrop of rose, jasmine and iris. The floral notes are not distinct, instead presenting a beautiful swirl of abstract shapes, with the edges blurring into each other.




- Eau de Givenchy

Eau de Givenchy
Eau de Givenchy



Eau De Givenchy was created in 1980 and is recommended for daytime use.

Eau De Givenchy is a refreshing, clean, fruity fragrance.

This feminine scent possesses a blend of fresh citrus, melons, peaches, plums, floral bouquet. 








  • Guerlain



- Shalimar



Guerlain's most successful and enduring fragrance was created by Jacques Guerlain at a time when fascination with the orient was sweeping Europe.

Inspired by the love of an Indian Emperor for his magnificent wife, Mumtaz-Mahal - for whom the Taj Mahal was built - Shalimar is named after "The Gardens of Shalimar," where their love grew.

Voluptuous, warm, embracing, sensual, Shalimar is the perfume of temptation.

A deliciously fresh flight becomes hazy and sensual when the vanilla and powdery notes of its sweet, sensual base are discovered.

Notes: Bergamot, Iris, Vanilla, Amber.



- L'Instant de Guerlain



L'Instant de Guerlain
L'Instant de Guerlain



A sparkling, airy and enveloping fragrance.

This soft, sexy scent is an intricate blend of interwoven fragrance harmonies, like citrus honey, magnolia inclusion, and amber harmony, that translates into a scent that's destined to become a classic.

Notes: Citrus Honey, Magnolia Inclusion, Amber Harmony.







  • Hermès


- L'Eau d'Orange Verte

Eau d'Orange Verte
Eau d'Orange Verte



Hermès introduced Eau d'Orange Verte in 1979 (the original name was Eau de Cologne d'Hermès; it was renamed Eau d'Orange Verte in 1997). It was created by perfumer Francoise Caron and has notes of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, mint, jasmine, orange blossom, patchouli, moss and cedar.

It is the perfect summer refresher, and like almost any perfect summer refresher, its one drawback is its relatively poor staying power. 






  • Yves Saint Laurent

- Opium






Created in 1977.

Perfume of scandal, enchantment, mystery, magic, and exoticism.

With an exotic blend of lush florals, rich spices, and deep wood notes







  • Lancôme


- Magie Noire

Magie Noire
Magie Noire



This mysterious, seductive fragrance is disturbing, almost bewitching. Its secret?

The perfect blend of aromatic essences, the subtlety of rose, the femininity of jasmine, the sensuality of amber.

Breathe in. Can you smell it? It's the magic of Magie Noire.





- Trésor





Trésor Sheer Fragrance is a vibrant and radiant fragrance based on a fresh fruity floral harmony.

Discover the blend of the bergamot, peach, the rose otto, freesia, sandalwood and patchouli.

The bottle plays with transparency, starting with its delicate pink-peach colour. A reflecting ring rounds off the whole with a touch of lightness and elegance. 






06/03/2012 - merke said :

Hello Dennis. Great fragrance cchoie for your wife. Bluebell is so evocative and multi-faceted as you say! For me it simply *is* a walk in a damp bluebell wood; the hyacinth mixing with damp earth and moss. Just perfect for this time of year! We can't wait to go and see the Bluebell show' at Kew Gardens! Thanks so much for commenting and check back soon for more exclusive fragrance stories!


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