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Rachida Dati

The Rise and Fall of Rachida Dati

By No author

Forget about the idea that Rachida Dati was born under a lucky star... It seems that the wheel of fortune has turned. If having a baby was the "best day of her life", the following ones were definitely not as bright.

Getting back to work only five days after giving birth (via C-section), she was instantaneously labled a traitor of women's lib and a bad mother. Huge media hype both in France and in the whole world ensued, with passionate debates as only Rachida Dati could provoke. By the way, 56% of you chose to blame her when we asked you if she was acting like a traitor woman or a wonderwoman. Quite a number!


Rachida Dati
Rachida Dati

Out of favour with the public, Rachida Dati could not even find consolation at work since politically, she doesn't have the wind in her sails anymore.  It even seems that President Sarkozy sought to keep his former protégée away from national functions, sending her to the European elections instead. And yet, a few weeks ago, Rachida Dati told journalists she had been assured of keeping her job... Quite a slap in the face!

The point is not that Europe is a punishment, but, it's not exactly the best option in terms of developing one's political career. It's a kind of political banishment since she will have to turn her back on her Parisian social life. And everybody knows it, even if President Sarkozy keeps on presenting this as a great opportunity and a temporary job. Minister and colleague Rama Yade had refused the offer a few months before thus getting herself into trouble with the President. Rachida Dati just could not refuse. So... Bye bye prestigious Place Beauvau in Paris, hello Strasbourg! For the time being, she is still Minister but she will need to resign soon and, behind her fixed smile, everybody can feel her disappointment and anger.


President Sarkozy dancing with his former protégée
President Sarkozy dancing with his former protégée


Rachida Dati has always been devoted to Nicolas Sarkozy and promoted like a good little soldier every single idea he had concerning justice. Did she deserve such a treatment? One newspaper reported that someone close to the President had suggested that he could no longer stand the sight of Rachida Dati. Others reported some friction between her and the President's wife, Carla Bruni. Has Paris become too small for the two of them? Their rivalry has always been fierce. Carla Bruni told her once: "You'd like to be me" in the bedroom at the Elysee Palace. Well, once more it happened in the bedroom... In fact, it has been said that Rachida Dati has a habit of calling the President really early in the morning on his bedroom phone, which understandably has upset his wife. One morning, the phone was answered but not by Nicolas Sarkozy instead it was Carla who picked up the phone. "You know, now that Nicolas is married you mustn't ring him so early," she stated. What do you think? Was it a political or a personal banishment? Will we ever know?


Best ennemis?
Best ennemis?


At least, concerning the father issue, the game "guess who the father is?" has got new contenders... The last one has been suggested by "Belle Amie", a new book written by journalists Michael Darmon and Yves Derai about Rachida Dati. First, the book is not positive at all since it draws obviously a parallel with Maupassant's hero "Bel Ami", a corrupted journalist ready to do anything to rise to power. The comparison is not flattering! And, speaking of the father, the new nominee is Qatar's prosecutor general Ali Bin Fetais al-Marri. It would fit with Rachida Dati's assumption that "the father travels a lot" and the man has not denied it yet... But, nothing has been proven nor confessed. So, the mystery lingers on! And what about the possibility that Rachida who had already reached 40 and for whom the clock had been ticking decided to take matters into her own hands and opted for IVF with an anonymous donor? This would indeed fit with the person she is: independent, succesful and someone who knows what she wants and who doesn't have to be accountable about her private life to anyone but herself.




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