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Zooming on a Taxi Bike in Paris

By No author

Last Monday, when the Icelandic volcano was at it again and forced all the planes to remain on the tarmac, I took the Eurostar to Paris. Nothing unusual, would you say. I always take the Eurostar to Paris and I have done so since it started running on 14th November 1994.

Over the last few weeks, however, it has become obvious to all that if planes are grounded then the Eurostar service becomes the best alternative.
To this effect, more trains have been added left right and centre but this has meant that other services which might have just been able to cope - like the taxi ramp at Gare du Nord for instance - are now suffering from serious shortages.
Last Monday, on my arrival at Gare du Nord on the 11am train (one of the trains which had been added) I was horrified that despite the fact that I had made the usual dash to catch a cab, there was already a massive queue awaiting me. It was not one of those where you would have to wait un hour, it was one that had been building up since the morning and had turned into a monster twisting and turning many times outside and gone into the main train station. I was wearing high heels - a big mistake when you are travelling - and I was also carrying my computer and my overnight bag. If I tried to catch the tube to my meeting, not only was I going to have to change tube lines twice but I was also going to have to get a bus. This was not an option.
Suddenly out of nowhere came my white knight - dressed in black I have to say. I did not immediately understand what he was saying but I then realised that he was offering me the use of his taxi bike service. I was a little taken back as I had never tried it before and was also a little worried that this might have been a scam but it only costs 35 euros to go anywhere in Paris and its immediate 'Banlieue'.  I took a last look at the queue which was getting bigger still and it convinced me that this was the right thing to do.
Taxi Moto
Taxi Moto
Of course, I was a little apprehensive, the last time I had ridden a motorbike was years ago but the one I was about to get on was so big that I thought that nothing could really happen to me. In addition, I had been geared up from head to toe: A helmet with a changeable net to keep it clean, gloves and a jacket to keep me warm. The helmet also had a speaker phone system to keep in contact with the driver at all times.
All my luggage had been either put in a box (the valuable stuff such as the computer and my handbag) my over night bag had been put at the back and secured.
Off we went. It was amazing. Zooming across Paris on the back of a motorbike gave me an incredible sense of freedom. Had it been a taxi, it would have been stuck a few times behind a delivery van or even worse, the refuse collectors. But not a bike.
I arrived well in advance for my meeting - my hair a little flat but nothing that could not be rectified with a brush.
Try it next time you are in Paris on business.
How much does it cost?
35 euros anywhere in Paris
55 euros Paris - Orly
75 euros Paris - Roissy
80 euros La Defense - Roissy
Worth knowing that they will charge 30% more on Saturdays and 50% more on Sundays. They will also charge 20% more between 6am and 7am and 9pm and 10pm and 50% more between 10pm and 6am.
If you ask them to come and get you and if they have to wait, it will cost you 1 euro per minute.
They will accept credit cards.
Do book in advance as they are not normally allowed to be soliciting.
Tel 33 (0) 6 73 10 85 08 or


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