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Fashion: Autumn/ Winter 2010

By Rebecca Connell

There were always two types of children at school: those who looked for every possible way of dragging out their summer holidays, and those who could barely contain their excitement come August, at the thought of shopping for their first day back at school. Those of you who fell in the first category will no doubt resent me for already bringing up the subject of Autumn/Winter fashion. “Leave us with our shorts and maxidresses” you’re probably grumbling, “It’s not even August yet!” Well fine, stop reading now, you can keep your espadrilles and your panamas a little longer.
This is for those of you who, like me, fall into the latter category. My Parents always thought it slightly odd that, considering I was not exactly what one might call a "keen student",  I could never the less barely contain my excitement at the thought of “back to school” preparations. The thing is, as my fellow back-to-school-enthusiasts will know, it had nothing remotely to do with actual school. Oh no, the joy was in the preparations, the lists, the stationary and most of all, the planning of my First Day Back Outfit… and the consequent shopping trip.
As happy as I am when the spring months come along and roll on into summer garden parties, shorter hemlines, longer evenings etc, I’ve never managed to get quite as worked up about summer fashion. Sure, you’ve got your cute skirts, the strappy sandals, the quirky dresses, but it always seems slightly samey. Heat means less clothing, which in turn means less stuff to play with. No comparison, then, to the wealth of things at your disposal come the cooler weather! Coats and jackets, shoes and boots, jumpers, scarves, hats, shirts, vests, dresses, skirts… need I go on? It’s not just the items that get me excited, it’s the fabrics: thick wool, strokeable cashmere, beautiful velvet and silk. It just feels so much more luxurious.
And indeed, with Pheobe Philo, Miuccia Prada and Marc Jacobs leading the pack, luxury is where it’s at.
Shape is essential: womanly curves embraced and even created with extra fabric when lacking.
Texture is key: Fur (real or fake), sheepskin, suede, wool thick or finely knitted.
Colour is warm: Rich camels, beiges, browns and ochres combined with blues and navies, deep ruby reds, but with exciting dashes of orande and leopard print thrown in.
This is one of the rare seasons where I’ve wanted to buy almost every trend that I’ve seen on the catwalks, From Grunge Glamour to Romantic Lace. So, here is a break down of my favourites for you:
Trousers: Finally, a return to the simplicity of old. No more hanging crotches, zips, and rips you inevitably put your feet through, just perfectly cut, leg-lengthening, bum-flattering trousers. Be it wide legged or cigarette cut the new shapes are wardrobe essentials that will take you from day to night. This is preferably not a look to budget on: cut and quality fabrics are essential, other wise you risk looking like your just wearing cheap office suit trousers. But if you must (and musn't we all these days) Gap are doing a particularly good black pare, and I always find Zara a safe bet for well cut high-street.
Coats: Whatever your taste, there is a style. If you cleverly bought a parka last year, dig it out again, just add a skinny belt and a fur collar if you feel like a change. My
My coup de coeur: Burberry Porsum's shearling jacket
My coup de coeur: Burberry Porsum's shearling jacket
coup-de-coeur was the Burberry’s aviator sherling. I saw it, I wanted it….but I couldn’t afford it, so instead I have been eyeing up the Paul and Joe option. If you are going to invest in one item this season, make it the camel coat- It’s a classic, it’s
Max Mara's timeless classic
Max Mara's timeless classic
not going anywhere. Floor length and wrap around or shorter and sharper, it is the easiest way to smarten up your look. Luckily, I’ve got my mum’s old (see vintage) floor-length Max Mara lurking in the back of the cupboard…

Skirts:  On his new collection for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs said “Women, women, women… we wanted to celebrate the beautiful intrinsic value and the joy of being a woman”. And what a joy! Pure 50s glamour with nipped in waists, swirling skirts and layered petticoats. Or alternatively, if you prefer something slicker, go for a pencil skirt. Either way, both are undeniably womanly, especially when teamed with a beautiful silk blouse for the day, or balcony corsetry for night.


Va-va voom  at Vuitton or sleek and sultery at L'Wren Scott
Va-va voom at Vuitton or sleek and sultery at L'Wren Scott
Or sleek and 
sultru at L'Wren Scott


Grunge: Completely the opposite end of the style spectrum, you might think, but

Grunge like you've never seen it before at Dries Van Noten
Grunge like you've never seen it before at Dries Van Noten

whilst it’s not exactly the same Mad Men’s take on femininity, the glamour is still



undeniably there. This is not 90s style grunge, this is floor length skirts made of silks and sequins pared with luxurious knits. If comfort is key, then this is the look for you.

Lace: Pat yourself on the shoulder if you already got in on the action last
Riccardo Tisci's beautiful designs for Givenchy
Riccardo Tisci's beautiful designs for Givenchy
winter, because it is still firmly on the fashion radar. Be it black, white , red, or even lilac (only Miu Miu could take lilac lace from gran to glam!), it is once again a wardrobe essential. A lace shirt will look perfect with your new wide leg trousers.
And then, there is minimalism: It may not be quite as eye catching as some of the other looks, but this is all about understated luxury and elegance. It may be called “Pared-down chic”,
Pheobe Philo leads the way at Celine
Pheobe Philo leads the way at Celine
but there is certainly no skimping involved for this one. Matt leather, double-faced cashmere, silks and merino wools: simple cuts but of the best possible quality. The palette is neutral in navy, black, beige and white, and the accessories are kept at a minimum.


Ralph Lauren Ricky bag
Ralph Lauren Ricky bag
Bags: No more flashy logos, bags this season are classic, ladylike and discreet, but no less desirable for it.


Bravo Nola's easy-to-knot skinny belts
Bravo Nola's easy-to-knot skinny belts


Belts: Forget the big waist-cinchers, it’s all about the skinny leather belt now. To be worn buckled or knotted over jumpers, dresses, trousers and coats. Get one, it will be essential in completing your ladylike look.

Stella McCartney's red mid-heels
Stella McCartney's red mid-heels
Shoes: There is a trend for the new Out-doorsey look. Personnally, I’m not buying it. I would much rather go for Louis Vuitton’s towering block heels. If walking in these is an issue, however, worry not: The mid-heel is still going strong, with Stella McCartney doing a particularly beautiful version.

elbow high at Ports 1961
elbow high at Ports 1961

Gloves: Don’t bother pulling out your old woollen ones, This year they’ve got to be elbow length leather or short and furry.
So there you have it, a brief overview of what’s in store. I already know what I’m wearing on my first day back, do you?


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