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French Healthcare in London

By No author

Every week we receive messages from people asking for advice on French doctors in London. As expected, a lot of them to be from newly arrived expats, but surprisingly, I found that many londoners were as  equally interested in finding them.

Now, it is hardly surprising that French-speaking arrivals should want to be treated by French doctors, but what about the English-speaking families who chose to be treated by them as well: what is it that makes them opt for the French specialists rather than an English one? I know many French people who have lived in London for a considerable amount of time, most of them with bilingual children, who could just as easily, and at a much cheaper cost, be treated on the NHS, and yet who opt for the extra expense. And with good reason.
The truth is that, on the whole, the French have a greater faith in their medical system than the English. As competitive as medicine is in England, the training is much more intensive in France. From experience, I have also found that French doctors are more willing to spend time on a patient, and tend to be, on the whole, much more attentive and giving much more thorough check-ups. This obviously makes for much more enjoyable trips to the doctor, and I personally always leave reassured; which is not always the case when I walk out of my GPs office.
The reality is that health is too important to be taken lightly, whatever else you save on, yours and your family’s health should not be it. Finding a doctor that you trust is of the utmost importance. It is with this in mind that we have compiled a list of some of the most trusted and well-established French doctors, from dentists to vets (yes pets too!), working in London today.

Dr Chantal Dewast (Gynecologist)

Doctor Chantal Dewast qualified as a specialist in gynecology from the University of Paris in 1980. She has been working at Cromwell Hospital since 1987, where she deals exclusively in gynecological issues, ranging from contraception and genital infections, to menopause and gynecological check-ups.

She does not do any obstetric or surgical work, however many women chose to be followed by her in the early stages of pregnancy as she Works alongside many obstetricians and can offer advice as well as organising any necessary check ups and helping you to sign up for a maternity Ward.

Cromwell Hospital considers her a general practitioner specialised in Well Woman and Family Planning.

For more information, you can visit her website,, or contact her directly by calling 020 7460 2000.


The French Dental Practice

The French Dental Practice in London is centrally located at 100 Harley Street.

Dr. Bertrand Larmoyer proudly offers you his 25 years of professional experience in the fields of General Dentistry (regular check-ups, hygiene, tooth decay, gum care, crowns and bridges) as well as dental implants and  cosmetic dentistry, using  porcelain veneers.

After initial qualification at the Dental University of Paris, and at the La Pitie Salpetriere Hospital, Dr. Larmoyer specialised in numerous fields, mainly in the USA, which include cosmetic dentistry and implantology, and is up to date with all the best cutting-edge techniques.

The last major innovation introduced at the French Dental Practice is the Cerec System. This technique allows for pure ceramic restorations, crowns, inlays or veneers in a single session, without having to return one or two weeks later to fit the final crown.
These dental restorations are made of ceramic before your eyes in minutes by a computer-controlled machine, which achieves a level of precision never seen before.
This is the new gold standard in dentistry, against which  other products are tested that takes dentistry to the next level.

Dr Pascal Sulzer (Vet)

Dr Pascal Sulzer is a graduate of the highly respected Ecole Vétérinaire de Maisons-Alfort and of the Paris Faculty of Medicine. For ten years now he has had his French veterinary practice just off Sloane Square, which is also one of the big animal ER centres in London open 24/7.

He also offers home-calls at the same price as appointments at his practice (consultation: £43.95), at no extra cost if visits are in Chelsea, South Kensington, Notting Hill, Belgravia or Fulham.

Dr Sulzer is particularly experienced in matters of entrances and exits into the UK for domestic animals, and will be of great help in simplifying these procedures which are a cause of anxiety for many an owner (and vet!).


Dispensaire Français

Located in Hammersmith, in the heart of London, the Dispensaire Francais (French surgery) offers to French and Francophone people in difficulty (those who are not yet on an NHS list, who have trouble communicating in English and/or have no private medical insurance) consultations with General Practitioners and specialists in Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, ENT, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Psychology and Psychiatry. Consultations are given by French speaking consultants from London hospitals, as well as by French doctors living in London.

Consultations are by appointment only.


 Richmond Practice – Private Doctors Service



Dr Sharoni Mahabaduge - Private GP
Dr Robert Arlt - Consultant Paediatrician
Dr Frank Gollub – Consultant Radiologist

Richmond Practice is a leading provider of specialist integrated family health care to local and french speaking patients in London. Services available from their French speaking doctors are as follows:

Help in a medical emergency, for health assessments, fast laboratory tests, quick referrals to specialists, STD screens, travel, flu and allergy clinic and ultrasound. We also do private pregnancy scans from Monday to Saturday. Our team consists of a French speaking private GP, consultant paediatrician (children’s doctor) and radiologist, female gynaecologists and obstetricians.

For more information, you can visit or contact them directly on 020 8940 5009



06/12/2013 - jujul7 said :

That's the worse service that we can have. NHS don't care about patient, the doctors are typing professionnal, they are rude and careless. They never treat patient. I'am sick since more than one month and nothing is done. When you go they jut tape on their computer. Yesterday the doctor has refused to take my blood pressure saying i do not have time. They did not gave me medecine et they were hiding my blood test. England deserve to be sui for her bad doctor services. They don't pay normal doctors are not helful et they dot not hel you. Private is scam £90 for 15 minutes can you imagine that ? UK is miserable.

27/11/2013 - sonyasafia said :

salut voila j ai des problemes dentaire est ce possible de me donner des adresses des bons dentistes parlant francais ou arabes ici a londre merci

08/05/2013 - aq21 said :

Hi there,
I am a German citizen living in UK and my husband is a doctor from DRC. He would like to relocate to Manchester and I was wondering if Someone could help me find out where there is a francophone surgery where he can work and speak french......

17/10/2012 - ecfleury said :

la carte vitale... HAHAHAHA mdr LOL

03/04/2012 - jenlo4485 said :

I am wondering how I can be aware of the job offers for french speaking nurse. I am nurse in palliative and geriatric cares in Belgium for the moment but I plan to join my husband in London very soon.

Indeed I am looking for a nurse job in London where I could speak both french (mother tongue) and english.

Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

Kind Regards,


01/03/2012 - bluzzzzy said :

Do you know any French doctors based outside of London, especially the East Midlands?

19/08/2011 - anna_gia said :

Like the person above, I am looking for a Francophile nursing home in London for my mother... All advice welcome!


27/04/2011 - samia.ra said :

que dois-je faire pour m'inscrire dans vos service quels sont les tarifs prenez vous la carte vitale etc... ou etes vous exactement situe a londres

30/03/2011 - nadiatoumi66 said :

I'm British citizen speaking French, I would like my 3 kids and my self to be treated in your surgery because the French doctors are the best in the world but first i would like to know about the charges ,if you don't mind . many thanks

30/03/2011 - nadiatoumi66 said :

I'm British citizen speaking French, I would like my 3 kids and my self to be treated in your surgery because the French doctors are the best in the world but first i would like to know about the charges ,if you don't mind . many thanks

01/02/2011 - yhuybrechts said :

Does anyone know of any Francophile elderly care nursing homes in London area?
Thank you


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