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2011 Les Victoires de la Musique (Part one) : The Results

By Matthieu Boisseau

The first part of 2011 French Music Awards Ceremony 'Les Victoires de la Musique 2011' was held yesterday at the Zénith in Lille...a great opportunity for you to discover the brilliant new French artists. This year, in order to give the admittedly long and boring ceremony a breath fresh, the organizers has decided to split in two shorter shows, the first one awarding the best artists of the year in specific categories as well as  best new talents, and the other one bestowing honours on the best artists, tours, music videos of all categories, drawing its inspiration from the oh-so-glamourous Grammy Awards.

Even if yesterday's ceremony was an epic fail in terms of audience ratings, the show, which included a lot of live performances, gave the best deal to young talents...and it is rare enough to deserve a special mention. Above all, it is a great opportunity for you to discover the brilliant new French artists.


 List of award winners :


Best Rock Album of the Year : Gaëtan Roussel – 'Ginger'

The first solo album released by the singer of Tarmac and Louise Attaque has really been a huge success, with about 100,000 copies sold.

Gaetan Roussel - Help Myself (Nous Ne Faisons Que Passer)


Best Variety Album of the Year : Bertrand Lavilliers - 'Causes perdues et musiques tropicales'

This is the first time the 64-year old globe-trotter singer has received an award.

Best Electronic Music Album of the Year : Stromae - 'Cheese'

The Belgian singer-songwriter's debut album has been incredibly praised among French, Belgian and Greek charts, as well as being much-appreciated by London clubbers, especially the ecstatic song 'Alors on danse'.

Best Urban Music of the Year : Abd Al Malik – 'Château Rouge'

2010 has been a fabulous year for the French rapper and spoken word artist, as his book 'La guerre des banlieues n'aura pas lieu' has also been given the Prix Edgar Faure for political literature.

Best World Music Album of the Year : Hindi Zahra – 'Handmade'

After winning the Prix Constantin, here is another award for the much-talented Morocco-born artist.

Best New Performer of the Year : Ben L'Oncle Soul

French Soulman with pretty darned retro style and influences has definitely seduced the audience with his first eponymous album.

Best New Star of the Year : Lilly Wood and the Prick

They gave themselves the satisfaction of beating the favourite and new pop-folk idol Camélia Jordana by winning this much-deserved award, as their latest album Invincible Friends is truly amazing.


Lilly Wood & The Prick - Down the drain


Special Top Award : Indochine.

The pop-rock band created in 1981 by the Sirkis brothers, which has sold more than 10 million albums around the world, has been honoured for all their body of work.


The second part of the award ceremony will take place in Paris on 1st March.


06/03/2012 - skapcar said :

Dear Boyd,As a Parisian, I was happy to read your message. It is a very good rsmmauy of what living in Paris means. Even if you have exceptions, i must agree with you on the attitude of Parisians towards foreigners which is often the same with new French inhabitants. I come from the South of France, where people are more friendly and welcoming'. Plus, it is true that you need to have money to live here. Prices are crazy and far more expensive than in other French big cities. But they are quite similar to the ones in London, Moscow, Tokyo or NYC You just have to find affordable places. Living nere Saint-Germain-des-Pre9s is impossible for almost everybody.Renting a flat is difficult for us too. You need financial guarantees. But I'm quite sure that the meaning of extremely small flat is not the same for us (French) and you (American) people. In Paris a 3 rooms, 65 m2 flat is a BIG one. I am really glad/thankful that you encourage foreigners to learn French before they come here. The problem is that they often underestimate that it is difficult to speak fast and fluently the language of the new country you live in. It is the same wherever you move. In Europe, we are encouraged to learn foreign languages when we are young, so that we are used to this linguistic gap. Since English is the international business language, understanding foreign languages may be less significant for Americans (but it is only my opinion).Nevertheless we (the French) are very proud to show that we can speak English (even broken English) whenever we can.To finish, I thank you so much for all your compliments about wine, art, food, architecture, parks and Cafe9s life. All our Parisians so beautiful cliche9s are real. (I would add our amazing National Health System). As French citizens, we are VERY priviledged people. Even though we sometimes tend to forget it, we become aware of luck when we travel overseas. And this, even if we like to complain, debate, argue or even strike (!!) often. I am glad that you liked living here.Frenchy Baguette

11/12/2011 - info said :

This is an airtlce that makes you think ?never thought of that!?


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