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John Galliano

John's Sinking Ship: Is Dior on its way down without Galliano?

By Monica Ainley


Though the music was blaring and the colours carnivalesque at Christian Dior’s autumn/ winter haute couture show last Monday, its former designer John Galliano’s special touch was visibly absent.





“It looks like a cheesy rendition of something Galliano created on a very bad hangover” squawked one fashionista after the show. Others were less harsh “I miss so much John Galliano,” Anna Della Rosso, editor-at-large for Vogue Japan was heard saying, “This is closer to the market, but now I miss the strong ideas.”  It seems Dior cannot sail the way it once did without its skipper at the helm. Especially when the waters are so full of sharks.


Once known for being untouchably elegant if very bold, the Parisian house was left stranded without as successor for Galliano, after he was fired in March when a video surfaced of his alleged anti-semetic tirade at La Perle bar in the Marais.


A Paris Court ordered Galliano stand trial on charges of “public insults based on the origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity against three people. The trail commenced on June 22nd.




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