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Bread at Gail's
Food / Wine

Where to find the best bread in London

By Monica Ainley


Ever been frustrated by the lack of Boulangeries on London Street corners? Tired of eating toasted Tesco loafs and tough pita, dripping with hummus or olive oil to add flavour? Distressed by the extraordinarily slow pace at which all Paul employees seem to move, (is this part of the hiring criteria?)


Well, here is a list, in no particular order, of the best places to get a delicious and fresh loaf of bread in London. Yes, it is possible. And carb-free diets are so nineties. As Francis Bacon once said, ‘Acorns were good until bread was found.’



1.     & Clarke’s

122 Kensington Church Street, W8 4BH, 020 7229 2190


Bread fanatic Sally Clarke's team hand shapes and bakes over 2000 products per night. Offers a wide range of breads as well as delicious brioche, croissants, and both sweet and savory tarts.


2.    Ottolenghi

63 Ledbury Road, W11 2AD, 020 7727 1121

287 Upper St., N1 2TZ, 020-7288 1454

1 Holland Street, W8 4NA


Moans of approval are to be heard far and wide, but perhaps you didn’t know that their bread is among the best on offer. They call themselves the haute couture of the food-to-go world and the loaves certainly rise to this challenge.



3.    Gail’s

138 Portobello Road, W11 2DZ, 0207 460 0766

64 Hampstead High Street, NW3 1QH, 0207 794 5700

33-35 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QL, 0207 713 6550


At Gail’s they say you really only need flour, water, salt and yeast. Of course, the lovely atmosphere in each of the artisan bakery’s nine locations around London doesn’t hurt its population either. The bread ‘purists’ are, however, known to ad nuts, fruits, vegetables or herbs to their variety of delicious loaves, made by hand daily.


4.    Baker & Spice

54-56 Elizabeth Street, SW1 9PB, 0207 730 5524

47 Denyer Street, SW2 2LX, 0207 225 3417

20 Clifton Road, W9 1SU, 0207 289 2499


Famous for outstanding cakes and pastries, their croissants have been heralded as ‘iconic.’ But sourdough loaves are also sworn by and all baked goods are not only organic but also impressively fresh.


20/11/2012 - balary said :

Wholefood in high street kensigton do fantastic pain au levain

10/07/2012 - steffmartin said :

for sure TRAY GOURMET Traiteur Francais
240 Fulham Road SW10 9NA
and recently had one of the best baguette in london at Le Troquet 430 king's road SW10 0LJ great little french bistro !

10/09/2011 - nicolas said :

Don't forget
TRAY GOURMET Traiteur Francais
240 Fulham Road SW10 9NA
French Baguette are baked in-house several times a day. Our Croissant are pure Beurre.
We also hold a great selection of Artisan Bread by De Gustibus (Pain au Levain / Organic Rye / Black Forest / Cereal / Walnut...)

24/07/2011 - dorothee.archambault said :

Brixton, the Old Caper (in the Arcade) - fab bread, Italian flour

22/07/2011 - MossLadbro said :

Maison Blanc
102 Holland Park Avenue W11

22/07/2011 - veronique.vk said :

Bagatelle in South Kensington closed down in May...

22/07/2011 - hughesdesignassociates said :

To be found in Marylebone High St:
Le Pain Quotidienne
Orrery's L'Epicierie
oh yes, and Paul's.
With The Fromagerie just around the corner in Moxon St., we can't go wrong really !

22/07/2011 - rs said :

How can you omit Poilane.
46 Elizabeth Street,
London SW1W 9PA

22/07/2011 - nicolaspansier said :

Any more diverse postcodes to find bread, because hour travel to buy my daily baguette will not do. Thanks

22/07/2011 - croussiere said :

More addresses:
East Dulwich Delicatessen - Lordship Lane SE22
Carloccio - London
Paul - London
Waitrose - London


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