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Dominique Strauss Khan

DSK : Welcome to France!

By No author

According to French paper, Le Figaro, Dominique Strauss Khan (DSK) will be returning to France this Sunday at the airport Roissy-Charles De Gaulle. He will, of course, be accompanied by his ever-faithful wife, Anne Sinclair. Finally free from all penal proceedings, DSK may still have a part to play in the next presidential campaign…

How do French people view DSK’s “Come Back”? 

Well known for his reformation of the IMF and his skills in economics, DSK was at the top of the polls but one year ago. His USA exile soon became a nightmare, however, once the presidential candidate was accused of sexual assault. Within hours of the news getting out, one of France’s leading political figures was portrayed all over the media as a “dangerous rapist”. All the Medias showed DSK as a “dangerous rapist”. After months of scandal, he was finally acquitted in penal court, but it’s not over yet: Strauss-Khan will now have to face the civil court.

            According to a recent Ifop polls, 61% of the people asked don’t want DSK to become a minister in 2012 and 67% don’t want DSK to become prime minister. In contrast, 53% of socialist sympathisers want DSK to become minister. But the popularity rating of DSK is at his lowest level. It is fair to say that this is one more politician whose political future seems to be in jeopardy.


How will the socialists welcome DSK back?

            After a visit to his ex-colleagues at the IMF in Washington, DSK finally apologised. He was not, however, immediately welcomed back into the fold: Martine Aubry released a veiled comment stating that “[she] thinks like the majority of women about DSK’s attitude” and Arnaud Montebourg recommended that he occupy a back seat. Henceforth, it seems the time has come to erase links with DSK: he is no longer good party endorsement!

            Segolène Royal and François Holland seem to be more distant from DSK. So, we don’t really have the pro-DSK and anti-DSK in the Socialist Party. All the socialists want to forget what happen and to concentrate their efforts on the primaries. Moreover, the new chief of the Socialist Party, Harlem Desir calls for unity in order to win in 2012.


What will DSK do in France?

Nobody really knows what DSK will do once back in France, but different hypothesis have been put forth. First, he might offer his services to the Socialist Party for the next elections. Second, he may want to stop all the rumours we heard in the Medias and break up the sexual accusations of French women such as Tristane Bannon. Third, he may probably just want to have good time in France and see his close relatives. All bets are opened.


02/09/2011 - vanninas said :

Welcome? Il vaudrait mieux qu'il se fasse oublier un peu.

01/09/2011 - marie.atinault said :

He'd better to be discreet and to avoid french policy for a while. Furthermore, his socialist friends do not intend to let him a place.
Chuuut, Mister DSK !!!


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