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Buying in France

A selection of books for buying in France

By Librairie La Page

As more British people are looking for a house in France, a myriad of books have appeared on the market to guide people in making choices. Many options are available and sound advice is necessary to avoid a dream turning into a nightmare. Here is a selection suggested by the librairy La Page in South Kensington.

"Buying to let", Clive Kristen

Buy to let in France
Buy to let in France

Clive Kristen author of the best-selling Buying a Property in France now tells you how to maximise by renting it out.It makes real sense to buy a property in France and make it pay for itself by renting it out. But there are pitfalls for the unprepared. This book shows exactly how to buy the right property in the right property in the right place and set it up so that you can let it for the maximum return

price £10.99

"Going to live in France" Alan Hart

Going to live in France
Going to live in France

"An in-depth insight into the culture, systems, structures and many other aspects of life and employment in France... gives the reader a real taste of France before setting foot outside the UK"-careers Europe Whether you are a student, professional, business person, property buyer, retired person, or simply an interested traveller, this book will tell you everything you need to know to enjoy living, working or studying in France. Alan Hart has lived and worked in Paris since 1991. Following the success of his books, Alan has become one of the preferred local commentators on France BBC Radio.

price £10.99   

 "Buying a house in France. From Normandie to Cote d'Azur", Andre de Vries

Buying a house in France
Buying a house in France

Making a fresh start, looking for a dream retirement, finding a holiday home, locating the up and coming areas, understanding the law, agents and contracts, looking for useful contacts or interested in personal case histories ... then this book if for you! It contains a comprehensive guide of how to find all types of property from an apartment in Paris to a farmhouse in Normandy or a ski chalet to rent out in the Alps, information on property prices, housing regulations, taxation and all the essentials from raising finance and dealing with estate agents to arranging removals and getting power and water connected, dealing with builders etc. The author André de Vries is an expert on modern Europe; his books include two titles in Vacation Work's Live & Work series.

price £11.95 

"The complete guide to buying properties in France", Charles Davey

Buying property in France
Buying property in France

More and more people are buying property in France. The climate, culture and lifestyle make it a very seductive proposition, and affordable travel connections and comparatively low house prices in most regions now make this dream a reality for many. The complete guide to buying a property in France is full of practical, expert advice. Written by a practising barrister and fluent French speaker. He lives in France with his wife and three children. Packed with practical detail such as useful vocabulary, Web sites, contact addresses, flight information and samples letters, it is your essential companion to avoiding the pitfalls and making that perfect purchase.

price £9.99

"The best places to buy a home in France", Joe Laredo

Contains everything you need to know in order to find the best location for your dream home in France! The best places to buy a home in France is essential reading for anyone planning to buy a home in France and is designed to help you avoid costly mistakes and save time, trouble and money. It will save you endless hours researching local property prices and availability, and also contains comprehensive information about local amenities and services. The best Places to buy a home in France is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information available for anyone wanting to research the property market in France before buying a home. Whether you're seeking a holiday or permanent home, or buying for investment, business or pleasure, this book will help you choose the best region and town to suit your family 's requirements.

Price £11.95 

If you are interested in any of the books, La Page will be happy to order them for you (tel: 020 7589 5991). 




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