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Le Francais j'adore

Music en français - Francophone Festival in Trafalgar Square – 17 March 2012

By No author


Music en français is the UK's biggest celebration of the international French Language Day, in the heart of London: Trafalgar Square. What better way to look ahead to the up coming Olympic Games than by celebrating one of its official languages? Don't miss this opportunity to dance to the lively tunes of amazing artists from French-speaking countries around the globe, to treat your taste buds to culinary delights from France, Africa, the Caribbeans or Switzerland, and to bask in this incredible festival's joie de vivre!

This event is open to all, so bring all your friends and see you in Trafalguar Square from 12.30pm to 7.30pm – it's sure to make you say: "Le français, j'adore!"

This event is supported by the International Organisation of the Francophonie, the London representations of French-speaking countries, and the Institut français. 


Saturday17March|12.30pm7.30pm|Trafalgar Square|Free concerts



Rayess Bek(Rap,Slam)– 12.35pm

It may be said that Rayess Bek started his career as a rapper and composer at the age of 7 when young Wael Koudaih wrote his first poems inparisian suburbs. However, the real Rayess Bek started rapping in Lebanon, his home country, in 1996. His lyrics are full of his commitment against the war in his country. Hefast became one of the major spokesman of the rapand slampoe try movement in th eMiddle-East. With over 200 concerts all around the world, he has revealed his talent through solo shows, festivals, in intimate as well as impressive  venues such as the Palais des Congrès in Paris, opening for Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes.




A self-taught musician, Mélissa Laveaux has learnt music by ear and through books. Born in Montreal to immigrant Haitian parents, her music - a subtle mix of roots, folk, and blues - reflects this cultural heritage. Mélissa has opened for several artists who have inspired her music, including Feist, and has toured in many French festivals to promote her debut album 'Camphor & Copper.' She still has strong links with the country of her ancestors, and was deeply affected by the tragic earthquake of 2010, using her website to recommend some charities to the people willing to help the Haitian population.



Naby (Reggae) – 2.00pm

Since 1996 and his first appearance on the Senegalese reggae scene with his band Peace & Peace, Naby has collaborated on dozens of albums. This musician who presents himself first and foremost as a 'child of Senegal' has once undertaken an initiatory journey through Mali and Guinea in order to reconnect with his origins. Enriched by this experience, he started working on his solo album 'Demnaa' which wasr eleased in 2008. Granted the RFI's 'Découvertes' awards in 2009, he is also a charismatic performer, who has supported well-know artists such as Youssou N'Dourand Alpha Blondy.




Claudine Muno & The Luna Boots (Chanson)– 2.45pm

Novelist,designerandsong-writer,the multi-talented Claudine Muno is first and foremost an experimenter. Claudine Muno's solo project became Claudine Muno & The Luna Boots in 2003 as are sult of what was supposed to be a side project. Bewitching, intriguing and timeless,the first album ‘Petites chansons méchantes’ was released in 2007. Then the band strayed from the classic 'chanson' to create a folk/pop album, 'Noctambul' (2010)f eaturing Beatles songs.



Jali (Folk/Soul/Chanson)– 3.35pm

Barelya  year after deciding to learn the guitar, Jali releases his first album' Des jours et de lunes' (Barclay Universal, 2011). Self-taught, Jali, a 22-year-old Belgian originally from Rwanda, leads us between folk, soul, reggaean d'chanson. 'There discovery of his country of origin 15 years after leaving it was a revelation. His thirst for music grew, and gave birth to a new 'pearl' of the Belgian-French scene. The young artist has already been a guest of the Tiken Jah Fakolyand Bernard Lavillier tours. Bon voyage!



Noga (ChansonWorldJazz)– 4.20pm

Shining and tireless, Noga keeps surprising us with her fifth album 'Miel et Poivre, Poivre et Miel' releasedin September2010by   the Harmonia Mun dilabel.No ga  is one of the emerging singers -song writers of Switzerland. Accompanied on stage by Patrick Bebey (piano, derbouka, keyboard...) and Eduardo Tomassi (percussion), Noga offers a 'zesty' music inspired by her travels. A pinch of humour, jazzy-Oriental-pop songs and positive messages are the ingredients of her recipe, tested and approved.



Alfa Rococo(Pop)– 5.00pm

When Justine Labege and  David Bussières started playing together in 2004, it was just for fun. Eight years and two albums later, the duo from Quebec has received many awards for their electro pop music.

Alfa Rococo are the spokespeople for  Offices Jeunesses Internationaux du Québec, an association helping young adults from the province to fulfill their professional goals. They performed all around the world to promote their first album 'Lever l'ancre' (an album that was first composed during an European trip), including a show for the Winter Olympics of Vancouver in 2010. Their song' Chasser le malheur' was ranked n°1 on the top 100 of French-speaking  Quebec radio stations.



Emel Mathlouthi (WorldMusic)-5.45pm

Emel Mathlouthi is a Tunisian artist, influenced by classical, latin american and rock music as well as Arabic singing. She created her first rock band at the age of 15 and has never stopped singing since. It's only in 2004 that she started writing in Tunisian in order to communicate feelings such as nostalgia, anger, sadness, love or delusion. Collaborators include prestigious names of the musical scene such as Tricky or Charl Elie Couture. Emel is one of these singers that really come to life on stage, and that's the reason why she's been touring all over the world during the past few years.



Féloche(Chanson, Pop)– 6.25pm

With his voodoo mandolin,Féloche drives all over France with Léa Bulle (accordion-trumpet-samples) and Christophe Malherbe (doublebass) to promote his electro-cajun music. His first solo album' La Vie Cajun' was released in 2010. As a former member of the famous Russian band VV( Vopli Vidopliassova), this virtuoso is also the producer and member of Pantin, a quirky electronic duo.


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