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Bastille Day Ball 2012 Cancelled

By FranceInLondon

Given the current economic climate, it is with enormous regret that we had to take the very painful decison to cancel both the Ball and the Family Day due to take place on 14th and 15th July respectfully.

All those who have purchased tickets will be refunded in full.

We would like to thank all the companies and all the people who gave us their support and commitment.

The Charities
For a Child’s Smile
Le Dispensaire Français
L’Association de Bienfaisance

Sponsors and Donators

The French Ambassador Bernard Emié and The French Consul Edouard Braine, Androuet, Pernod-Ricard, EDF Energy, The French Chamber of Commerce, Cartier, GDF Suez, Perenco, French Radio London, G-Vines and Esprit of June, Eurostar, The landmark Hotel, Laurent Haziza, By Terry, Arsenal Football Club, Daumieres Antiques and Collectables, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London, The Connaught, Accor, Raymond Blanc, Decathlon, Bondonneau E-Solutions, Ici-Londres., Boulle Intervnational, Michael Scott, Rosie Gorman, Graham Sharpe, Roy Brown.


Raymond Blanc and Nomad (Catering)
Berry Marquee and Owen Brown (Marquee and structure)
Invisible Blue (Interior Design, sound and staging)
Kimbolton (Fireworks)
Allen’s (Furniture and glassware etc)
Sacha Dieu and Bart & Baker (DJs)
Michael Scott (Vintage Cars and army trucks)
Simply Spitfire (Spitfire)
Perrier Jouët

Corporate Tables:

GDF Suez
International SOS
Knight Frank
Banque Transatlantique
EDF Energy
Raymond Blanc


03/08/2012 - kath.serkis said :

Being a Francophile and having experienced many Quatorze Juillet in Paris I'm delighted that there are more and more opportunities to celebrate it here ....and delighted that they're enjoyed in venues and locations across the capital by more and more diverse attendees. (It was very unfortunate that Kensington's family day and bal had to be cancelled and it's a pity that Battersea Park's 2009 and 10 events haven't been sustained and developed).
Soho's French House is always a good bet (sadly Soho's waiters and Maison Bertaux's legendary bare-breasted 'Marrianne' no longer run the gauntlet though). Across the city there seemed to be something for everyone from music at the Lexington in Islington and Battersea's LeQuecumbar, free music at Canary Wharf, Cabarets, Bastille Day meals at numerous French restaurants, a theatre week at the Lion and Unicorn, the pétanque tournament at the Chelsea Physic Garden and Bastille Festival around Borough Market. I was very involved with this event and hope it will continue as I hope will others as well as new celebrations being added to London's 14th July menu.

19/07/2012 - kayrouz said :

Bastille Day was very much celebrated in Forbury Gardens, Reading, Berkshire. The Festival made first page of 2 of the major local newspapers and was free to attend with plenty of fabulous prizes to win. The organising team is planning an event bigger Bastille Day 2013 and plans are underway...

27/06/2012 - bouba said :

You are all welcome to join us in Reading, UK for Bastille2012. Free event including a nice French Market, mini Olympiads and Petanque Competition and other activities.
Enjoy the evening with us during a French themed party ending at 1am, but then free entry in the Walkabout to stay out until 3.30am-4am.
Registration and more info at Hope to see many of you there :-D

21/06/2012 - nathalie said :

I am so sad the event has to be cancelled. We went last year (we are not bankers or elite by the way) and had a great time.There were fun stands and beautiful classic cars, There were young, old, students, business people ..all sorts ,the organisation was perfect and the fireworks better than the Queen's jubilee!

19/06/2012 - candoguy said :

Why don't all those who want to celebrate Bastille Day go to France for a couple of days around the 14th and celebrate it properly? why do you have to do it in London when France is less than an couple of hours away?

19/06/2012 - annie_gentil said :

I have been going to the Bastille day celebrations for some time (The first time in 2002) and really enjoyed when it was in the courtyard of the Lycee Francais. It was unpretentious and fun with a lot of French old cheesy tunes (Voyage-voyage...), a real 'bal populaire'. Last year, the price for the meal was steep: £125 for the dinner is not what I call cheap. The crowd was very different as well with a lot of Business people (or ex-business school crowd). It was international and I met a lot of Lebanese there as well as well as various nationalities. I hope next year there will be a celebration that can please everyone despite of the economic crisis.

19/06/2012 - mickeytojane said :

Well said Patricia, and shame the event got cancelled. We are a French family of 7 living in London and we would have loved to party for Bastille day. Could you shed a light on why the event got cancelled ? Thks

19/06/2012 - mkeogh2 said :

Well said Patricia. This ball was very reasonable in price compared to other charitable events and will be a real loss to many who would enjoy the event and those charities that benefit in difficult times. Here's hoping next year will be a great success! And there are some of us who live with Frenchies who'd love to attend and I never saw the event for French tax exiles only. I showed this to my partner and we agreed how reasonable it was but couldn't attend due to prior commitments.

19/06/2012 - patriciaconnell said :

I think you have for some reason the wrong idea about the events we were organising:
1) These events were not only for French people living in the UK. It was for people of all nationalities who felt like celebrating Bastille Day. Last year, over 1600 people came to the ball and had a great time.

2) This year, tickets were as low as £29.50 for students and £37.50 and included a drink and entertainment from 8.30pm to 1am. So not what I would call for the rich and famous or for rich bankers!

3) Tickets for the family/BBQ and entertainment from 12pm till 6pm were at £35 for a family of 4. This is cheaper than going to the movies! Again not really just for the tax exiled you mentioned or the 'elite' as you put it.

4) More importantly, you should also be aware that these events were to raise funds for a number of charities, funds which of course they will no longer get.

So I do think that it may be worth checking your facts before making these sweeping comments. You may have lived in the UK for a long time but you certainly have not learnt from the Brits that giving to charities is a good thing.

19/06/2012 - adrien.brus said :

Is this a push by the Socialists to pretend they pay attention to the finances in France?
Maybe they should introduce a tax on Londoners earning more than X as well

19/06/2012 - Chris.Shaw00 said :

You should contact On Bouge ( who have some expertise with playing for and teaching traditional dances from central France, Brittany, the South-West, etc. Sadly though (for Niglo, at least) we're not French :-( Some of us are going to be in France at that time, but there's the rest of the year - and next year!

19/06/2012 - j.chneour said :

Bah, only the wealthy French set could afford to attend that ball anyway so... The same people who won't care if they have to pay tax in France as well as in the UK. Not all French people living in the UK are tax exiles or working in finance, business or diplomacy. Some of us, who have been here a very long time, are just ordinary people just about able to make ends meet. These events for the 'élite' really annoy me.

19/06/2012 - niglo said :

Painful, not for the purse! Why not do something else for everyone? (only french people of course) but on the model of the jubilee celebrations?


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