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All on your bike on 22nd September

By Sylvie Griffiths

  As part of the European Mobility Week, the 22nd September is the day to show your concern and give your support for the environment. Last year Ljubljana (Slovenia) was the European winning city with Almada (Portugal) and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) as runner-up. In London twenty boroughs (Bromley, Hackney, Croydon, Hounslow...) and many cities (Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester...) took part in this event and hopefully more will join this year. Camden ran the biggest event last year with a large car free area, for other boroughs such as Hammersmith it has been the occasion to have steel bands and African dancers entertaining the crowd in the streets.
  The event has three main goals:
  • To encourage people to use other means of transport than the car
  • To raise awareness and to inform about issues linked to mobility in large urban areas and about risks linked to pollution
  • To show the city under another light and to show that boroughs are concerned about the protection of the environment.
  There are other benefits, such as improved health and reduction in noise, that might encourage you to get on your bike. The press is bombarding us with articles about how fat the nation is, and specially children. May be it is time to stop motoring those children to school and make them use a bicycle and to carpool to work.
More information on London Cycling Campaign
tel 020 7928 7220
Other dates:
  • Intl' walk to school week from 4-8 Oct
  • Intl' walk to school day 6 October


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