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London Fashion Week

The people you see at London Fashion Week

By Adrienne Benassy


London Fashion Week goers are not like the people you see in the office, in nightclubs, in the street, in pubs or even in Shoreditch or contemporary art galleries. Even before you get to a catwalk show, LFW's population has something special, an identity of its own, its own extravaganza and excesses style-wise. France In London drew out a typology of the people that gathered at Somerset House from 15 to 19 February 2013. 

London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week


Already in London's Circle Line towards Temple, appearance and trends start to dictate. The common attire, ties, jeans, trainers, grey, black or white colours progressively fade out into pink tinted hair, extra-large glasses, skinny silhouettes, transparent skirts, bright colours, crazy prints, silks, leathers, laces, metallic textures, furs or crazy hats. 


At Somerset House, along the Thames bank, it is an outfit competition that takes place. Journalists, bloggers, designers, fashion-passionates, all show-off their styles and try to attract photographs’ attention. They all came with one  ambition: showing themselves to the world. 

Bords de la Tamise


Amongst these original outfits, a few global trends are visible though. Spanning from Italians dressed from head to toe in designer clothes to eccentric Britons or extra-feminine men, London Fashion Week has many characters that are worth seeing. 

Somerset House
Somerset House



Bloggers are all over the place, in every corner of Somerset House. Usually in their twenties, but sometimes even younger, they have two major goals. One, they try to get into all the catwalk shows, hoping to get a grasp of the new fashion trends and satisfy the curiosity of their readers or twitter, facebook and instagram followers. But they are also there to be photographed and increase their visibility in the fashion world. 


Rarely over-the-top, bloggers have or a very sophisticated style, with very elegant designs and beautiful fabrics, or they are more hipster like, with out-of-the-ordinary textures and colours. 


Gender confusion


All in black, their rangy silhouettes strike amongst this very feminine population. Necklaces, handbags, high-heels, all feminine accessories are good for these men, confusing gender frontiers. 

Most of the time, they are designers, waiting in their show-room, hoping to attract journalists' or buyers' attention. 

Their collections are sometimes as extravagant as their creators. 

Over-the-top styles


Rare fashion specimens, these excessively feminine silhouettes, wear extravagant hats, fancy skirts and fur coats. 

And the key is detail, especially the nail-work.  

The designers

Waiting for buyers and journalists in their show rooms, designers dare bright colours and unexpected textures. You might also see them in the next-door deli, snacking on an organic salad.   

The models


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