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   Olivier Desforges

Middle range linen.

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09/04/2012 - Judith-mitchell said :

I purchased a doona cover and matching pillow cases at some expense in Australia. I am quite disappointed in the quality. The label says it is 100% cotton but crushes so badly you cannot display them on the bed, especially pillow cases. I am most disappointed, considering that I purchased these with a special credit card after being in the Victorian fires in 2009, the money being donated by the public....I am sorry the public's donation was wasted.

28/02/2012 - corinneo said :

My Oliver desforges purchase (white cotton blanket) was not cheap. However after many years of service and dogs lolling about on it, has retained its shape and colour and is much loved.

30/09/2011 - hbey said :

My Olivier desforges fitted sheet fretted in the middle after only 12 months--- am terribly disappointed-- quite an expensive exercise as had to be torn up for duster

23/03/2011 - jeancadams said :

My laundry has bleached my prized Olivier Desforges patterned ecru/cream bed linen. I cannot find any like this on line, please can you advise where I could send a PCase in the faint hope that I may trace something similar.

16/03/2010 - andrew_k_low said : mark * * * * *

Been buying this brand for years and never had a problem, if your worried about future quality controll issues you should try getting them from Harrods in London as they have always been better at making sure the customer is looked after.

15/01/2010 - di said :

Certainly is middle range linen if not lower!
I bought Olivier Desforges sheets at quite some expense from a high quality department store in Australia. The flat sheet has bee cut on a bias or crooked and won't fold uniformly and neatly - Shame on the quality controller of this company!


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