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Please do not go to the embassy for Visas and other official papers but do go to the consulate. You will find it on the Cromwell Road opposite the Natural History Museum.

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58 Knightsbridge
(44) 207 073 1000
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26/08/2013 - rawa_amar10 said :

Dear Sir / Madam

I got a Travel Document 1951 Convention.
I try to travel to France next week. I don't know if I need a visa to enter to France . Can you please tell me some information about Travel Document Convention 1951 issued by UK border agency if France accept it or not ?

Thank you

15/01/2013 - said :

Maybe your Defense Attaché or some other knowledgable person can assist me please. I have consulted on Wikipedia for year 2012 the transport equipment of the French Airforce. On paper France does not lack for transport aircraft and, I think, has many more available than UK considering its continuing presence in Afganistan.
Further French forces are based in a few African countries and presumably have transport aircraft there. SO dear reader why on earth do you require two (badly needed in Afganistan I read) RAF transport aircraft (one of which broke down on arrival in France) ?
Is it because a strong desire to involve UK in your deployment or dont yours work as they should ?

14/09/2012 - Pauledhouse said :

Well done France! You must be very proud! First Princess Di & now Princess Catherine!
Hope you spot the sarcasm

12/04/2012 - faezamyram said :

Do I need a VISA to go France? I have a resident Mauritius passport in the UK.

19/02/2012 - allen.nicholls said :

My mother had an English mother and a French father.
They resided in London and my mother(deceased) remembered she and her siblings being taken by her mother to the French consulate to see a lady there.
Can you advise me why they were taken there as they were British citizens? To my knowledge this would have taken place sometime between 1910 and 1930, my mother being born in 1915. Any help you could give on this matter would be much appreciated. yours sincerely Mrs. J.Y.Nicholls

11/10/2011 - kaandees666 said :

I applied to my shenchan visa on August of this month that still processing. I dont know what i hv to do now. It is so bad are taking too long time to process.

05/12/2010 - anickmoehle said :

Je ne peux me deplacer ainsi que ma fille du a raisons medicales, nous avons besoin toutes deux de renouveler notre passeport. Nous habitons a cote de Manchester. Pouvez-vous me conseiller comment puis-je faire pour faire cette demarche ?
Je vous en remercie a l'avance.

Anick Moehle.


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