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Cornish Native Oysters

   Cornish Native Oysters

Unlike any other oyster…
These Cornish Native Oysters are unique. They are naturally spawned, wild ‘Ostrea Edulis’, the taste is exquisite because of the local geology around the River Fal. The Oyster and Mussel fishery is also unique, as it is the last fishery using the traditional methods of vessels only powered by sail and oar.
The taste is described as salty (from the constantly changing tidal seawater), sweet (from the fresh filtered mineral waters), metallic (from the unique geological Cornish landscape) and creamy (from the high levels of fresh plankton).

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Mylor Harbour, Falmouth, Cornwall
TR11 5UF
0044 (0) 7791 378503
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24hr Online Ordering (Sept-April)


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