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Cheesemonger Beillevaire

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Cheesemonger Beillevaire has been producing some of the best French cheeses for 30 years. And they are still enthusiasts about making you discover their products. With a wide range of traditional cheeses prepared by passionate women and men, they serve their products and customers. They produce cheeses and yoghurt, butter, cream....And they are the only ones to do that in London !

You can also enjoy the delicous raclette, cheese plate and mont d'or directly in the shop!

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7 Montpelier street
Closest tube
Opening Hours
From Monday to Saturday

All day


09/09/2011 - Lilysokol said :

Brilliant cheese, Fabrice the guy behind the counter couldnt be more helpful!! Five stars is not enough!

01/04/2011 - deena.brandt said : mark * * * * *

Cheese being a great source of pleasure, BEILLEVAIRE is an address I go to regularly to provide myself with not only cheese but a wide range of other products (yoghourts, milk, fromage blanc, creme fraiche,fresh eggs, pain d'epice, jam and pasta). The staff gladly share their knowledge and the whole shopping experience is just how I like it : quality and all smiles.


24/02/2011 - whitesa said :

Fantastic staff, friendly service and amazing for lovers of cheese and wine. This is definitely a new favourite of mine.

22/02/2011 - js said : mark * * * * *

Great service, friendly staff...and as for the selection of cheese..!

A real family run gem that's well worth a visit.

31/01/2011 - st_somerville said : mark * * * * *

Vive la tartiflette! Enjoy this delicious French savoury dish -- Reblochon cheese, potatoes, lardons -- cooked in a huge pan on the pavement outside the shop, on Fridays and Saturdays. Try it as a street snack or take some home. Miam-miam! (Yum-yum!)

A satisfied customer.


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