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The Henry Root is a lovely neighbourhood hub, a place to relax or to refuel, part of the social and political pulse of West Brompton, perhaps undisturbed for a couple of hours having a cosy chat over tea or a lively no holds barred discussion over wine and cheese.
The menu changes daily with the markets and is focused on the best of the season and always from artisan suppliers and of sustainable sources. Even the butter, which of course, is English from Nether End Farm Gloucestershire.
The French Charcuterie is selected from René Besson in Beaujolais and supplemented by Sang's clever use of traditional staples such as potted black pudding or seared ox tongue, there is always a terrine or rillette.

Business detail

9 Park Walk, West Brompton
020 7352 7040
Opening Hours
Open from elevenses to eleven pm Monday to Friday and from 9.30 at the weekend for brunch.


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