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07/05/2013 - lionelhierso said :

Hello my name is Lionel
I've been living in the UK for nearly a year now. Been self employed and now looking for a job in the travel industry. Can anybody help ?
Merci beaucoup


29/05/2012 - ma.lopez said :

I am a french student who is currently doing an internship in London, but I'd like to find a job for July/August in a bar or any work which could help me with my english learning.
I am a 21 years old girl who really wants to improve her english.

Kind Regards,
Marine Lopez.

14/04/2012 - fages.maxime said :

My name is Maxime Fages, I am a French student in a preparatory class for high scientific school. I am looking for a job in London for july, I have worked as an apprentice chef and I developed my skills in catering, cleaning. I wish to improve my English level and discover England. I can send you my CV.
Thank you. Cheers.

17/07/2011 - louelkadiri said :

I'm a French girl and I'm looking for a job to september in London. Could you help me to find a job? I'm a polyvalent girl and bilingual Spanish.
I worked in many bars in Paris and in Valencia (Spain)

Best regards

05/07/2011 - ziadkadri said :


I have arrived in London 5 month ago from Casablanca. I have the right to work and live in the UK, I am married with a EU resident. I am trained as a chef, I have work in various restaurant in Casa and I am currently working in East London in a Thai restaurant 2 nights a week.
I have kitchen experience, kitchen porter, food preparation and I also have experience has a waiter. I am looking for a full time job as a kitchen assistant. My English speaking is ok but not great. Can you assist me in finding a job.

Yours sincerely

Ziad Kadri

26/02/2011 - capucine51 said :

I'm a French girl, I'm looking for a job. Do you hire in your company from June to August?


01/07/2010 - charlotte.bouyssou said :

Bonjour, je suis une étudiante française. Je viens à Londres le 7 juillet et cherche du travail. Y a til une possibilité d''embauche au sein de votre entreprise ?

19/11/2009 - nassim60_8 said :

bnj , je suis un francais ,cherche du travail dans votre etablissement ,je parle que le francais . merci de me telephoner s'il ya quell'que chose au 07556400781 .


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