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Crêperie de Hampstead (La)

   Crêperie de Hampstead (La)

The area of Hampstead would not be the same without its Crêperie. It is located at the corner of Hampstead High Street and Perrin's Lane. There are not tables to sit, you just queue to get your crêpe (and people have done so for 20 years).

Business detail

77 Hampstead High Street
Closest tube
Opening Hours
From 10am to 11pm


23/11/2013 - suzieq542 said :

The owner has a terrible attitude, I visited late one evening to find a man smashing metal tins on the floor and ranting, somebody from the pub next door came out and politely asked if the noise could be kept down as the hotel residents were complaining, the man shouted back 'no they're not' and continued to make a show whilst ranting! I asked the Frenchman behind the counter if everything was ok and he said fine but in the same breath said that the man was the owner! I left and went to the king william pub next door, fantastic food and bar staff, I would like to try a crepe soon but will ensure the owner is not around!

24/05/2012 - sarahchew87 said : mark * * * * *

Les pires crêpes que j'ai été amenée à gouter jusqu'à présent. Les crêpes sont littéralement frites et la garniture beaucoup trop abondantes. J'ai été malade toute la journée tellement c'était lourd.
Cerise sur le gateau, le personnel est exécrable. A éviter à tout prix.

28/12/2011 - normasheahan said : mark * * * * *

Wowza, problem solved like it never happened.


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