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Dieudonné is back in London

21/11/2010 from 20:00 to 22:00

After "Sandrine", DIEUDONNE is back in London with "Mahmoud" in what we can call "a contemporary artistic testimony with a strong humoristic content". DIEUDONNE relates the incredible events which led him to meet the Iranian's president MAHMOUD. He also recounts his visit to a revisionist friend whom he tries to reason. He then turns the clock and transports us in the 16th century in a plantation of Martinique to tell us about the courteous relationships between masters and slaves. He speaks about Pope Benedict XVI and Michael JACKSON, of the blackmail of paedophilia, about the tolerated paedophilia and the forbidden one. DIEUDONNE speaks about the quite powerful and worshipped medicine and finally he speaks about NOTHING.... Of the BIG NOTHING and it makes us feel good...

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