french films > Story of women

Story of women

Story of women

cast: Isabelle Huppert, Francois Cluzet, Marie Trintignant

year: 1988

colour: no


director: Claude Chabrol

runtime: 110

Set in War II, during the France Occupation, Marie, a young woman with two children, has carved out a life for herself during her husband's absence, barely managing to feed her children, gleaning some happiness from jukeboxes and girlfriends, and by performing and occasional amateur abortion for her neighbors. When her shell-shocked husband returns from the labor camps, Marie takes matters into her own hands and turns her skills into a booming abortion business, boarding prostitute friends on the side and taking a collaborator for a lover. While Chabrol details Marie's descent into amorality with brutal honesty, he nonetheless contextualizes her sins and shows her truly as a victim of the chaos of France's confused response to Nazi occupation.


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