french films > An Unfaithful Wife

An Unfaithful Wife

An Unfaithful Wife

cast: Stéphane Audran, Michel Bouquet, Henri Attal, Maurice Ronet, Serge Bento

year: 1968

colour: no

certificate: 15

director: Claude Chabrol

runtime: 98

Drama/Thriller A Love Story with a plot Charles Desvallées has good reasons to believe that his wife is cheating on him and hires a P.D. in order to prove himself right. Once he knows the lover is writer Victor Pégala, he drives to his apartment, calmly presents himself as the husband, starts a conversation and then kills him cold-bloodedly. The police trace the wife but when she discovers by accident a picture that could incriminate her husband she decides to remain silent.


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