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Dear franceinlondoner

"The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man."
- Madame de Staël (French writer)


Learn how to read the signals French women send you

Have you ever tried to take a French girl out? Thought she was totally into you, but she freaked out when you made your play? Thought she had no interest whatsoever and turned out she really fancied you? You might have been a victim of the misguiding ambiguity of French girls. The lyrics of 'Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir' may suggest that French girls are rather easy to get, but when it comes to confronting the stereotype with reality, it seems there is nothing less straightforward. Why are French women so confusing to English men? The answers to all your questions are right here

Foody Corner

BB Bakery: Parisian chic meets English excentricity

A few yards from the bustling crowd, through the quiet streets of Covent Garden or County Hall, an eye-catching display appears as a surprise to passers-by. In a modern Marie-Antoinette tearoom style, gorgeous bells hiding sweet marshmallows and splendid pyramids adorned with meringues, macaroons and flowers, immediately plunge the visitor into the refined and extravagant atmosphere of BB Bakery.


Are the French viscerally anti-libéral?

French people have a tendency to be especially critical of liberalism as a major cause of the economic crisis. Yet rare are the French, if asked, that are against freedom of speech or low taxes. To counter this generalised anti-liberalism, Génération Libre, a liberal think-tank launched in March 2013 is addressing issues such as the debt crisis, digital liberties and the status of civil servants. Its founder, Gaspard Koenig analyses France’s anti-liberalism and gives us perceptive insights into Génération Libre’s alternative solutions.


Mads et moi with Pop-up Britain in Kings Road

From 6 to 19 June

'Mads et Moi' are selling a selection of French designer dresses and accessories for their second time at 'Pop Up Britain' on Kings Road. Tons of great bargains to be had.


Jean Brassard sings Yves Montand in The Kid from Paris

From 18 to 22 June

In The Kid from Paris, co-written and expertly directed by David Krueger, Jean Brassard presents, in French and English, an eclectic selection from Montand’s repertoire spanning a 50-year international career on stage and on screen.

A pair of tickets to be won

London Musical Film Festival

From 15 to 16 June

The French baritone David Serero launched the London Musical Film Festival (LMFF), entirely dedicated to musical films. 

Father's Day

5 Ideas for Father’s Day

As you may know, it is Father’s Day this Sunday. You have not perhaps thought about anything yet and you should probably get him something a bit more exciting than the regular tie or decent pair of shocks (even though it is the only thing that pops into his mind when you ask him what he wants). You have all Saturday left to make your mind up and find the perfect fit for your Dad. Here are a few tips to get the best surprise for your treasured Daddy.


Jean Grémillon retrospective at the BFI

From 2 to 30 July

Highly regarded in France, Jean Grémillon is less well known internationally than he deserves to be. The BFI retrospective shows that Grémillon’s layered and meticulous films place him among the greatest directors of classical French cinema. His films will be projected all through the month of July.

2 x pairs of tickets of the Jean Grémillon film of your choice

Special screening of Populaire

On 20 June

If you have missed it once, do not miss it twice. The Ciné-Lumière organises a special screening of Régis Roinsard's charming romantic comedy 'Populaire' on 20 June from 1pm to 3pm.


A Family Affair

From 25 June to 13 July

The director Emilie Perraudeau presents A Family Affair, a very funny comedy written by famous playwriters, scriptwriters and directors in France, Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri (Le Goût des autres, Comme une image).

A pair of tickets to be won

French Comedy Theatre - Venise sous la neige (In French)

From 22 to 29 June

Tamise en Scene introduces its new hilarious French comedy by Gilles Dyrek: Venise sous la neige. Gilles Dyrek, a famous French comedian and playwright portraits a typical French middle class couple, highlighting their flaws and imperfections.

One pair of tickets to be won


Jean-François Copé: France's place in Europe

When Jean-François Copé declared that David Cameron gave “one of the best analyses of the European situation”, one might think that the French right-wing opposition leader is betting on the wrong horse. At first glance, the Tory Prime Minister, known for his euro-scepticism, might not be the best partner to modernise Europe and lead further integration. What kind of Europe is Jean-François Copé planning on building? Which role would France hold in it? He delivered his vision of France in Europe at the London School of Economics and FranceinLondon highlights the main points he made during this conference.






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