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How to dress like a Parisian? Parisienne

Life and Style

How to dress like a Parisian?

Slim, classic and natural, Parisian women are well-known for having a style of their own. With slender figures, everything fits them like a glove or at least that is what other women think. With their classic taste and, contrary to Londoners who enjoy experimenting with colours and fabric, their strict abiding to the: “less is more” rule makes them go for sober and sophisticated outfits. Parisians like to look effortless and combine casual items with branded details. Are they naturally more elegant? That is what they would like you to think. It takes effort to achieve that effortless look. But one is not born a Parisian, one becomes a Parisian. Here are a few tips to dress like these Mademoiselles who keep all their beauty and style secrets under wrap.