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title director year showing
title director year showing
A Cat in Paris Alain Gagnol & Jean-Loup Felicioli 2011 no
A Christmas Tale Arnaud Desplechin 2008 no
A Comedy of Power Claude Chabrol 2006 no
A Common Thread Eléonore Faucher 2004 no
A Few Days Before Night Simon Edelstein 2008 no
A Few Days in September Santiago Amigorena 2004 no
A French Woman Regis Wargnier 1995 no
A Gentle Woman Robert Bresson 1969 no
A Good Marriage E.Rohmer 1981 no
A Good Year Ridley Scott 2006 no
A Gorgeous Bird Like Me Truffaut 1972 no
A Judgement in Stone Claude Chabrol 1995 no
A Lake Philippe Grandrieux 2008 no
A Man and a Woman Claude Lelouche 1966 no
A Man Escaped Robert Bresson 1956 no
A Married Woman Jean-Luc Godard 1964 no
A Monster in Paris Bibo Bergeron 2011 no
A Piece Of Sky Bénédicte Liénard 2002 no
A Private Affair Guillaume Nicloux 2002 no
A Prophet Jacques Audiard 2009 no
A Propos de Nice Jean Vigo 1930 no
A Real Man Arnaud & Jean-Marie Larrieu 2003 no
A screaming man Mahamet Saleh-Haroun 2010 no
A Second Breath Jean Pierre Melville 1966 no
A Secret Claude Miller 2008 no
A Self-Made Hero Jacques Audiard 1995 no
A Shadow of Doubt Aline Isserman 1992 no
A Simple Heart Marion Laine 2007 no
A Strange Affair Pierre Granier-Deferre 1981 no
A Strange place to meet Francois Dupeyron 1988 no
A Summer's Tale E.Rohmer 1996 no
A Tale of Springtime Eric Rohmer 1989 no
A Thousand Months Faouzi Bensaidi 2002 no
A Time to Live and a Time to Die Louis Malle 1963 no
A travers la forêt Jean-Paul Civeyrac 2004 no
A Very Long Engagement Jean Pierre Jeunet 2004 no
A Very Private Affair Louis Malle 1962 no
A White Horse Albert Lamorisse 1952 no
A Winter'sTale E.Rohmer 1992 no
A Woman is a Woman Jean-Luc Godard 1961 no
A world without pity Eric Rochant 1989 no
Aaltra Benoit Delepine 2004 no
Abouna Mahamet Saleh Haroun 2002 no
Actresses Valeria Bruni Tedeschi 2007 no
Adieu Bonaparte Youssef Chahine 1985 no
Adieu Léonard Pierre Prévert 1943 no
Adieu Philippine Jacques Rozier 1962 no
Adorables Creatures Christian Jaques 1952 no
Adrift (in Portuguese with English Subtitles) Heitor Dhalia 2009 no
Adventures Of Arsene Lupin, The Jacques Becker 1956 no
Afrance (L') Alain Gomis 2003 no
Africa, how are you with the pain? Raymond Depardon 1996 no
After him Gaël Morel 2007 no
Agatha et les Lectures Illimitées Marguerite Duras 1981 no
Ainsi Soit-il Gérard Blain 2000 no
Ali Farka Toure Marc Huraux 2002 no
Ali Zaoua : Prince of the Streets Nabil Ayouch 2000 no
Alice Sylvie Ballyot 2002 no
Alice and Martin André Téchiné 1998 no
All about my mother Pedro Almodovar 1998 no
All is forgiven Mia Hansen-Love 2006 no
All The Mornings Of The World Alain Corneau 1992 no
All the Suns Philippe Claudel 2011 no
All's Well Jean-Luc Godard 1972 no
Almost Peaceful Michel Deville 2002 no
Alphaville, A Strange Case Of Lemmy Caution Jean Luc-Godard 1965 no
Amarcord Federico Fellini, Armando Brancia, Magali Noël 1973 no
Ambitious Catherine Corsini 2007 no
Amélie Poulain Jean-Pierre Jeunet 2001 no
Amen Costa-Gavras 2002 no
Amer Helene Cattet, Bruno Forzani 2011 no
Americano Mathieu Demy 2011 no
Amerique insolite(L') François Reichenbach 1958 no
Amour Michael Haneke 2012 no
Amour Par Terre (L') Jacques Rivette 1984 no
An Affair of Love Frederic Fonteyne 1999 no
An American in Paris Vincente Minnelli 1951 no
An Autumn Tale Eric Rohmer 1998 no
An Italian Straw Hat René Clair 1927 no
An Ordinary Execution Marc Dugain 2010 no
An Unfaithful Wife Claude Chabrol 1968 no
Anatomy of hell Catherine Breillat 2004 no
And then there was Light Otar Iosseliani 1989 no
Angel François Ozon 2007 no
Angel and Sinner Christian Jacques 1945 no
Angel and Tony Alix de la Porte 2010 no
Angel Sharks Manuel Prada 1997 no
Angel-A Luc Besson 2005 no
Angèle Marcel Pagnol 1934 no
Angélique and the Sultan Robert Borderie 1968 no
Angélique et le Roy Robert Borderie 1966 no
Angélique Marquise des Anges Robert Borderie 1964 no
Animals Nicolas Philibert 1996 no
Anna M. Michel Spinosa 2007 no
Anne And Muriel Francois Truffaut 1971 no
Antichrist Lars von Trier 2009 no
Anything for her Fred Cavayé 2008 no
Apprentis (Les) Pierre Salvadori 1995 no
Ararat Atom Egoyan 2002 no
Are We All Murderers Andre Cayatte 1952 no
Argent (L') Marcel L'Herbier 1928 no
Aristocrates, The Denys De La Patellière 1955 no
Army in the Shadows Jean-Pierre Melville 1969 no
Arsene Lupin Jean Paul Salomé 2004 no
Arthur and The Great Adventure Luc Besson 2010 no
Arthur and the invisibles Luc Besson 2006 no
Assassins Mathieu Kassovitz 1997 no
Asterix and Obelix : Mission Cleopatra Alain Chabat 2002 no
Asterix And Obelix Take On Caesar Claude Zidi 1999 no
Asterix and the big fight Phillipe Grimond 1989 no
Asterix and the Vikings Stefan Fjeldmark, Jesper Møller 2006 no
Asterix at the Olympic Games Thomas Langmann, Frédéric Forestier 2008 no
Asterix conquers America Gerhard Hahn 1994 no
Astragale (L') Guy Casaril 1969 no
At My Finger Tips Yves Angelo 2002 no
Attentat (L') Yves Boisset 1972 no
Au hasard, Balthazar Robert Bresson 1966 no
Au Pays des Basques Jean Faugeres, Maurice Champreux 1930 no
Au Revoir les Enfants Louis Malle 1987 no
Augustin, King of Kung Fu Anne Fontaine 1999 no
Aurore Nils Tavernier 2006 no
Autobus Eric Rochant 1991 no
Aventures Of Felix, The Jacques Martineau 2000 no
Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest Michel Ocelot 2006 no