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French Cars has fallen for the following cars

Citroën C1:

Make way for the new baby of the Citroën family - the stylish new Citroën C1. Cheerful and attractive, this compact city car is clearly streets ahead - yet it won't clear out your bank account! This stylish number is available in both 3 and 5-door models, with petrol and diesel engines. Both designs share several external features - fluid lines, wraparound bumpers, rounded corners and high-positioned lamps. It's a unique, modern look - and one that's sure to catch the eye.

The Citroën C1 comes with a choice of two trims - Rhythm and Vibe. Choose a car to suit your personality so that you, and up to three passengers, not only drive in comfort but in style, too.

When it comes to safety, you can rely on your Citroën C1. Variable power steering, a height-adjustable steering wheel and standard braking system that features ABS, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) all mean that, when you stop, you can brake with confidence. Add in the Cornering Stability Control (CSC) and it's hardly surprising that the Citroën C1, with its 4-star
EURO NCAP rating and incredible occupant protection, is one of the best in its class.

Nor are there any cutbacks on space. Yes, from the outside it looks tidily petite - a real bonus for manoeuvring into those tight city parking spaces. But appearances can be deceptive: besides having room for four adults, there's an easily resizable boot and generous width and height dimensions. Practicality has rarely looked this stylish before.

Starting price: £6495

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Renault Clio III:

The Clio is perhaps the most successful and certainly the longest standing model of the Renault range and this is the new third-generation version of this European market small B-sector hatchback.
For New Clio, Renault offers safety features many of which are new at this level of the range, such as Emergency Brake Assist or Xenon headlamps. In terms of passive safety, apart from its considerably revised structure, New Clio now offers adaptive front airbags.

Available to order from Thursday 18th August, New Clio III will be launched in the most popular three-door version first which accounts for 75% of UK Clio sales, with the five-door to follow in January 2006. With prices starting at £8,895, new Clio III is available with several innovative features that
are new for the B segment, including the Renault hands-free unlocking and ignition keycard, and tyre pressure monitoring.

Driver and passenger comfort is assured in the stylish New Clio III with its variable assisted power steering, electric windows, radio CD with fingertip remote control, multi-function trip computer, internally adjustable door mirrors with driver blind spot eliminating mirror and air recirculation amongst the core features together with tinted windows, double optic headlamps, additional 12V power supply and body coloured bumper inserts.

Starting price: £8895

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Citroën C6:

A true grand tourer, the C6 combines cutting-edge technology with stunning looks.

The latest in a long line of classic, large Citroëns, that includes such icons as the DS and the Light 15, the distinctive and sophisticated C6 reinforces the Company’s pedigree for style and technical innovation and represents the latest stage in the creative renewal of the Citroen marque.

Designed to appeal to the discerning individual, the C6’s purposeful stance stems from a long front overhang complete with sweeping headlamps, married to a short rear overhang. Frameless doors with windows that hug the curve of the roof arch and a concave rear windscreen add to the C6’s fluid lines, while its aerodynamic properties are enhanced by an air deflector at the rear that is automatically deployed at speed.

On the inside, the C6 takes executive refinement to new levels with its "lounge on wheels" approach to comfort, including electrically-controlled rear seats, a soft diffusion air conditioning system and a whisper quiet ride, enhanced by laminated glass side windows.

The C6 continues Citroën’s tradition of pioneering technological advancement. A head-up display projects key information such as speed and navigation details onto the windscreen, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road, whilst new suspension with variable damping allows the C6 to set new standards in terms of ride quality.

Starting price: £29500

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Peugeot 407

One thing is for certain: in any circumstances, day or night, the new 407 draws everyone’s attention. And we have to admit that, this didn’t happened with the previous 406. More, in comprising to the “conservative” appearance of its rivals – Passat, Mondeo, Vectra and Laguna, Peugeot seems to come from another dimension. Just look at the front side, where each detail- especially the huge grill remands of a Ferrari. Add the strong stepped windshield, high waistline or the curbed roof and we have a true coupe. Is that so? Almost, because the doors with wide opening remand us of a familiar saloon. The interior is dominated by smooth elegance. And because of a long front console, the interior seems to be smaller than it is. The front passengers have comfortable seats, with optimum side support so that the driver would have many ways to find an ideal driving position. Besides the refined touch, 407 steps out with new materials superior to the ones used at previous models and pleasant to the touch. The dash board, upholstery, doors panels- all of them show that Peugeot moved to a higher level regarding finishing elements. The main console is well organized, with multiple commands (many of them on the median side) and to accommodate it might take a while.

Equipped with a 2 liters gasoline engine and 5 manual gear box, Peugeot proves to be a pleasant partner. Especially in urban cycle, where comfort and a quite ride is most appreciated. Not a sporty car, the suspension filters very good the road bumps. At standard equipment, ST Confort in turnings maneuvers, the subversive character comes a little bit to late, due to ABS, EBD and ESP systems. More, the precise steering points the car accurately where the driver wants to, no unpleasant surprises. It won 5 stars at Europe NCAP, 6 airbags in standard level, pretension seatbelts and reinforced body shell and a strong security system. Shortly, Peugeot 407 is like a French kiss, once you taste it, you can never forget its flavour.

Starting price: £15255

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