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Gad Elmaleh à Londres

By Patricia Connell

Gad Elmaleh in London

Who would have thought that 3,000 French speaking people would have gone to see this one-man-show with such enthusiasm and that two weeks before the big day, the show was totally sold out?

It was rather surreal! On 19th March the whole of the Hammersmith Apollo area turned French for one night. With a primarily youngish public (mostly under 30s), the whole of the French community had turned up one by one, Gad was about to discover what type of audience, London had to offer. As GAD himself had put it, no English man could have made the mistake of coming to a show advertised ‘Performed in French’. As for many French actors/singers, Gad found out that even though he was about to perform in front of 3,000 people, no one in the street knew him let alone the taxi driver who took him to the Apollo. It’s a cruel reality!

Sandra and Nathalie the two organisers who had also given us Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme last year can be satisfied with the turn out and the general public response.
From the moment Gad got on stage, the public, who already knew most of the sketches, thanks to the DVD, was on board.
The show which was mostly good lasted three hours. There were times, when one could not help thinking that it could have been made snappier. Two hours of non-stop laugh would have been great. I particularly enjoyed the parts adapted for London. For all the City bankers present, there was nowhere to escape when Gad started caricaturing them. Don’t they all have Blackberries? And don’t all French people living in London work in the City? Apparently this is what French people in France think, little do they know. But this means that you should not be too surprised if when you go back everybody thinks you are as rich as ‘Rothschild’. And no for those of you are still wondering, Gad’s father is not ‘Rothschild’ least this is what his mother told him.
All in all, was it worth going? Yes. How many performers do you know who can hold the stage for three hours and come out intact? He is an amazing showman. His timing is perfect, he can sing, he can act and he can dance.

Please note that his latest film, La Doublure, directed by Francis Veber, with Daniel Auteuil and Alice Tagliani, is coming out in Paris on 29th March.


29/03/2010 - hannouniabdelfattah a dit :

he's a real artist !he deseurve it realy!
if i just could have one minut with him i would be lucky and plaised ,realy!


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