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The Louvre by Night

Autumn in Paris

By Laura Connell


Autumn in Paris

When we return home at the end of our summer holidays and are faced with work, sending the kids to school (and all the trials and tribulations that entails) and are left counting the weeks till the next official holiday, the only thing many of us will be thinking of is how to get as far away from it all as possible. My immediate escape route is Paris.

I have always found the trip on the Eurostar to be a calming one. From the centre of one great city to another, it is soothingly uncomplicated and provides a quick getaway at a reasonable price (you may even choose to go for low cost airlines- easyjet flies there regularly daily).


Whether you’re walking down the sun-drenched breezy Boulevard Saint Germain or listening to jazz on L’Ile Saint Louis, there is a tangible energy to the city on the cusp of autumn. Take a walk in the Bois de Boulogne in late September where the hundreds of ocre coloured leaves mat the ground for miles and you will find yourself relaxing into an addictive Parisian languor. You might choose (as I often do) to visit the Marais and its famous Jewish quarter- la rue de rosiers- before venturing forth to the Picasso Museum. On your way, you will cross the Place des Vosges. No more beautiful a square exists than this. You might also like to take a stroll through Montmartre where you will have a birds eye view of the city and some live music in the small tourist bars and cafés that line the streets

One of my favourite cafés can be found near l’Odeon and is a favourite haunt of –amongst others- Nicole Kidman and Nathalie Portman- as well as French intellectual property such as Bernard Henri-Lévy. The Editeurs café combines Parisian class with a joie de vivre which sees its walls covered in literary quotations from Musset to Orwell. But let’s not forget a scroll around down la rue de Seine where you will find on your way towards the Seine, the little market at the corner of Rue de Buci and a myriad of art galleries where art is good and affordable as opposed to London. One of my favourite place there is also La Palette, a typical Parisian café where intellectuals and artists mix together. In the evening, it is especially re-known for the beautiful young people seating and talking.

Now for the night life: the Parisian jazz scene is a must. The world famous Duc des Lombards offers jazz  as diverse as Cuban to avant-garde new and old generation performers. Le Caveau de la Huchette by the Place Saint Michel is a smaller and more intimate venue which also offers some top class performers. If you’re more interested in the traditional Parisian music scene of house and lounge, you might like to spend a little time at the Hotel Costes led by Stéphane Pompougnac. A four star hotel with an unparalleled reputation, you might even choose to spend a few nights there to discover the ultimate in Parisian chic and fashion.

If you are going to Paris for the sole purpose of relaxing and discovering and not partying then you'll want to stay in Marriott's Village d'Ile de France timeshare resort in Bailly Romainvilliers. Located just 20 miles outside the lights of Paris, this resort delivers a rejuvenating experience perfect for weekend getaways. The two-story accommodations provide guests with soaking tubs, private terraces and a full kitchen. There is also a free shuttle that goes to Disneyland Paris and the Chessy train station, making it easy to go back and forth to the city.

The city also has much to offer in terms of clubbing. There is enough there to suit everyone. Admittedly however, it is remarkably similar to London clubbing (and perhaps not quite as good). You may want to think twice therefore before dedicating your weekend to it.

A weekend in Paris and you will make it back to London refreshed and inspired. Take time out to discover a city only a few hours away with a plethora of relaxing activities to offer. I do and it never fails to impress me.


Some ideas to go out in Paris this autumn


- Jacques Prévert, Paris la Belle

From October 22nd to February 18th at the Hotel de Ville.

An exhibition about Jacques Prévert's works from poetry to cinema, from visual arts to song, from theatre pieces to photography... Jacques Prévert was a ccomplete artist totally in love with "Paris la Belle".

A must-see.


Jeanne dans les Fleurs
Jeanne dans les Fleurs

- Raoul Dufy et le plaisir

From October 11th to January 11th at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

120 paintings, 90 other visual creations and some clothes are exhibited.




- Paris de la musique

From November the 7th to the 14th.

At Radio France, Theatre des Bouffes du Nord, Eglise Saint Etienne du Mont and Theatre du Châtelet.

900 musical events to experiment the new music in a total liberty. 

More information



Couleurs sur corps
Couleurs sur corps

- Couleurs sur corps

Exhibition, conferences and activities at the Jardins du Trocadéro from the 24th October to the 9th November.

Human beings have always used colours on their bodies to adorn themselves, to get dressed, to hide, to show themselves or to draw attention. Eminently symbolic, putting colours on a body is a major social and cultural stake. Indeed, the different types of usage of colours on our body inform us about ourselves as much as about others. Each colour being worn is a mark, a symbol of a particular cultural or social system. The CNRS, French National Centre for Scientific Research invites you to explore some of the numerous aspects of the use of colours on bodies, a subject also developed during an exhibition organized this autumn in Paris, at the Jardins du Trocadéro from 24th October to 9th November.

More information


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