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Autumn Fashion

Votre garde-robe pour l'automne 2007

By No author

Autumn 2007 Fashion

We have barely made it to August and already our winter wardrobes are centre stage. It may be worth thinking about- by the looks of it, our ‘summer’ is going to be very short-lived this year. Have no fear however, as the fashion industry has come to the rescue with a myriad of exciting, surprisingly colourful and almost summery warmer outfits this autumn. And whatever you do, don’t worry about your absent tan as pale skin is everywhere this season.


Having had so few opportunities to show off our silhouette this July, September’s form rewards us with a definitively feminine shape. Be it a dress, a coat or a fitted jacket, the biggest names display a clinched waist and full skirt. The high slim belt remains an effortlessly elegant way of achieving this look as seen at Louis Vuitton and Galliano.


As for the length of these skirts or cropped trousers, hemlines are definitely below the knee which is a welcome relief from some of the tortuously short skirts we saw on summer runways. Naturally, such a length does not accord well with flats unless you have been blessed with elfin-like ankles. Heels are a must therefore which provides us with the perfect opportunity to splash out on this season’s accessories.


Black is everywhere in autumn and I have three words for you: texture, texture, and more texture. Alright, that wasn’t quite three words but you see where I’m going with this. Be it velvet, silk or chiffon, black, go for black in different finishes. As for accessorizing your dark outfits, there is nothing delicate about jewellery this season. Go for a slightly heavier and more geometric style than you might usually consider.


But I did promise you colour on this season’s runway, and that you shall get. From cerulean to acid yellow and carmine, head-to-toe hues were seen everywhere.

Of all the colours seen, the most popular is purple and luckily for us, one of the easiest to wear. But this is not something to be done by halves. You have to go the whole hog. This means, as seen at Valentino, a blue skirt suit, blue heels and blue bag with, you’ve guessed it, a blue scarf. Go for block colour, match everything and to add diversity, do exactly as above: add texture. Need I remind not to go running off into the wild without thinking first about those hues that are most likely to suit your own skin tone.


So what kind of textures and fabrics should you be looking at? Leather is huge this season. The new maestro of the fashion world, Christopher Kane brings the leather dress back with delicate pleats and an ultra-feminine shape. One of your best buys this season is likely to be a leather jacket in either black or brown. You can wear these over another big trend: loose knits. Much like last year, you should go for jumper dresses but in larger sizes than you are accustomed to, as seen at Stella McCartney.


So we come to the staple autumn buy: the coat. You can choose either a classic army or navy style as both of these are big this season. In terms of colour, go for blues and khakis. If you decide to go for a more chic coat as seen at Sonia Rykiel for instance, you might want to go for a splash of colour with a red as seen at Marc Jacobs or Valentino’s blue.


Either way, have fun picking out new trends this season. Despite summer’s apparent disappearance, there is plenty to look forward to this autumn!


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