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Lune de Miel pour le président français, Nicolas Sarkozy

By Louise Catier

Finally, after weeks of awaiting, rumors and speculation, French President Nicolas Sarkozy officially got married to his new romance, singer and ex-model Carla Bruni.

The small and very private ceremony (it gathered only 30 guests) took place Saturday 2nd February at the presidential Elysée palace. The newly married couple then spent their wedding night in a former hunting lodge near the royal palace at Versailles.

Their relationship had been revealed when photographs showing them spending a tender weekend at Disneyland Paris had been published by a French magazine. And it could be said that Nicolas Sarkozy likes when things are quickly sorted out as they got married only three months after they first met, which also happened only less than four months after Nicolas Sarkozy and Cecilia, his previous first lady, got divorced. Let’s not waste anytime!

Anyway, the most important may be that the situation is now clear and won't cause any embarrassment to the Queen during French president's visit to Great Britain expected next month. Their new marital status will indeed allow Mr. and Mrs. Sarkozy to share the same bedroom at Windsor Castle, as well as it will prevent them from facing protocol problems when traveling together on official visit abroad.
Let's hope that this news will also calm down newspapers' excitation towards this love affair to concentrate on more sensitive topics, although French press which before that were in a kind of crisis, have dramatically increased their sales over the last few months. Thank you President Sarkozy and his first (or is third lady?).


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