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Plan a cycle holiday using Eurostar

L'Eurostar, le nouvel ami des cyclistes

By Déborah Berlioz

The number of cross-channel passengers travelling with bikes has increased three-fold since the Eurostar introduced its new onboard cycle system in April. This new protocol was a direct response to the CTC pressure Group, the national cyclist's organisation, and other cycling groups, to make it easier for passengers to plan a cycling holiday using the Eurostar. Travellers are now allowed to travel on the same train as their bike for a supplement of £20. A great step forward, since under the previous arrangement bikers were often separated from their 2 wheels for up to 24 hours. This made it quite difficult to plan a weekend discovering Flanders, Normandy or Picardie and itheir beautiful cycling routes...

To reserve a place for your bike on the same train you are travelling on, it is relatively easy. Just call 08705 186 186 and have your Eurostar ticket booking reference ready.  Note however, that the service is subject to availibility. There is room only for 16 bikes on any one Eurostar. And tandems are not allowed. In addition, this service is only available at St Pancras International, Paris Gare du Nord and Brussels Midi. But cyclists can also continue to use Eurostar’s registered baggage service to transport their bicycle. Eurostar guarantees that, although your bike may not travel on the same train as you, it will be at your Eurostar destination station within 24 hours of registration.

 For further information, check the Eurostar's website.



24/10/2009 - lyeav91pmnsocno a dit :

Une traduction en français ce serait un plus non ?
Je ne trouve pas d'onglet eurotunnel ni animaux si on veut transporter son chat ou son chien, quelles sont les conditions de transports
Merci de penser aux animaux
Bonne journée


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