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Thierry Verret

Ici Londres a 10 ans!

By No author

Ici-Londres has just turned 10! Its birthday celebration took place at the French Institute on 29th February. 

Many key members of the French and Francophile community of London attended the event. Amongst them were the French Consul Bertand Cochery, the head of the French Lycee Bernard Vasseur and many other successful business men and women such as Marie-Cécile Boulle from Boulle International, Raymond Leprêtre from Leprêtre Insurance Services, Laure Zaigue from the French Bookshop, Nathalie Berrebi who brought Gad Elmaleh to London (twice) and, last but not least, Patricia Connell from Franceinlondon of course! The entire Ici-Londres team had gathered with their past and present advertisers. Its birthday was celebrated in style: Champagne, delicious food and jazzy music played by Stirling Austin and Pierre Brouwers’ completed the evening.


Ici Londres team
Ici Londres team

Even if it was a birthday party, it would be wrong to assume there was no nostalgia in the air. Of course director Thierry Verret reminded us all of  the amazing story of this newspaper born thanks to Philippe Dutertre’s determination and courage. To everyone's disappointment the founder missed the party but got a strong and well-earned tribute. How could it not be?  He is the man who made it what it is today. Philippe had a vision and he was determined to make it a success. From the first small publications that he started using a phone box as his office to their brand new offices in South Kensington, Ici-Londres has definitely found its own place in London and its coming of age. Philippe Dutertre was a real newspaper man who had worked most of his life as a jpurnalist for newspapers such as Liberation. But a page is turned and Ici-Londres is moving on to a new era.

Ici Londres turned 10
Ici Londres turned 10



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