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Licence to Kill
Life and Style

La Séduction à la Française: 8 dessous qui l'enflammeront!

By Connell Rebecca

Are you prepared to dress to kill?

Of all of France's national stereotypes, the one it is probably least ashamed of is that  its women are always beautifuly clothed- a skill which supposedly extends to their underwear.

French women's underwear draw, the stereotype would have it, knows only of lace, silk and satin in sophisticated and sexy shades of black and deep red.Their sexiness is so innate they even have a type of underwear named after them- incidently, of the many men I have quizzed, the general concensus is that "French Knickers" are the thing to buy if you're looking to please your guy.

So how true is the stereotype? Well, 35 years into her marriage, my mother still insists on matching sets and would never be seen dead in the Cotton Comfort section of M&S, and my 86 year old grandmother remains partial to a bit of lace trimming. Personally, being half English, I am more prone to dipping into the said M&S Cotton Comfort section of my underwear draw, but this is because my "sexy underwear" shopping trips all too often involve La Senza- and anybody who has spent more than two hours in a La Senza bra will know that "comfort" is not their design motto.

The reason that French women don't compromise on comfort over style is quite simply because they don't have to. Let us refer once more to my mother's wardrobe (she may not appreciate me divulging this information but, mother, it is for the greater good!) : Though each item is beautiful, it is also, she assures me, a pleasureto wear. Why? the key is in the detail: perfect cut, good support and nice fabric. French underwear is designed first and foremost for women- not because women don't care about their men's reaction, but because they realise that they are at their most attractive and confident when they also feel comfortable, when they can move freely. Think about it, when was the last time you bought a set of underwear as a present to your man, only to wear it and feel awkward and unnatractive in it because it itched, rode up or pinched?


So I have made a new resolution: I am revamping my underwear draw: Out with the tacky, pinchy, scratchy, supposedly sexy stuff I have been amassing over the years, and in with the sultry, womanly, comfy underwear of the French...I will, however be keeping a special spot for my M&S Cotton Whites...I'm not fully French yet, and my boyfriend kinda has a soft spot for them.

Top 8 styles from Top French Brands:



Haute Couture Push-up Bra (also available in black on red) £49.60. Buy from

Sensual and sexy, the Haute Couture Push Up bra from Chantelle is styled from sultry mesh and lace embroidery. This bra, feminine and fun, is underwired and offers removable gel cookies to boost the smaller A, B and 32/34C bust's.


Princesse Tam Tam

Parigi Ruffle Brief, £29.50 from

A delightfully feminine brief that creates a soft, romantic look especially when teamed with the matching Parigi Bra.

In a subtle blush colour, with added side ruffles this piece will appeal to anyone who appreciates their underwear delicate and distinctly Rose like.



Passio Cherie Half-Cup Bra, £25.60. Buy from

Feminine and sexy, this vintage inspired Cherie half cup bra from Passionata styles pretty lace and bow detailing into a modern feel that is both supportive and flattering. Scallop trimmed edging with sheer mesh, completes the sultry design.


Cup Cake Brief, £23.20. Buy from

Simple and sultry, this cupcake brief from Huit is styled with satin and mesh to give your holding comfort. Delicate picot trim to the legs, the waistline is finished with a sheer mesh for a racy edge.

Simone Pérèle

Bagatelle Sexy Push-Up Bra, £69.00. Buy from

Seductive and sexy, the Bagatelle Sexy push up bra from Simone Perele has been designed with underwired cups that feature graduated padding to boost and enhance your bust. With floral embroidery and pretty scalloped edging.



Hypnotoc Half-Cup Bra £49.00. Buy from

Do this season's lace look with a dash of old-world glamour in this classic, unpadded, underwired half cup bra by Lejaby. Its semi-sheer lace cups are trimmed with a luxe polymix body and wide straps. It fastens with two rear hooks.


Bahia half cup underwired bra £50.00. Buy From

The sexy Bahia half cup underwired bra by Aubade offers gentle support and natural shaping. Featuring floral embroidery, a scallop edged trim and lace up front detail. With adjustable straps.


Thalia Underwired Balconette Bra £70. Buy from

This ornate underwired balconette bra from Empreinte has reinforced underwired cups made from swirling patterned lace. Extra embroidery embellishment features on the band, cups and the adjustable straps, decorating and framing the cleavage.


08/08/2011 - caroline.valcin a dit :

Being French and selling lingerie I can say that French lingerie can be sexy and comfy. Forget Etam, Aubade and Chantal Thomas for the quality, made in China, expensive and not worth it! Chantelle and Perele are really good, Lise Charmel is amazing. Italian lingeire is good also. Just be careful if it is made in China! For me lingeire must be sxy and comfy, to wear every day!

27/04/2011 - enide a dit :

You forgot Etam lingerie.
This is from afar my favourite shop. There you can find the most beautiful, comfortable and resistant outfits... at reasonnable prices !
A bra will cost you 30€, and any pants less than 20€. There are always lots of offers.
I buy two outfists a year and wear them everyday (it cost me around 100€ for I buy several panties... often of different sorts but of the same line model). It's great quality. And that way I'm always finely under-dressed.
Try this shop, trust a French ! :)

27/03/2011 - kareng98 a dit :

What gorgeous underwear!

25/03/2011 - saravandore a dit :

This is a great idea in theory but I just spent £300 on Chantelle underwear (which is GORGEOUS) and then lost weight so none of the bras fit! I agree good quality underwear makes you feel great but you certainly pay for it, which is why a lot of British women just shop in M&S. And their cotton briefs are super comfy.

Sasha @ The Happiness Project London (pas francaise mais francophile)

24/03/2011 - fashionmirou a dit :

c'est merveilleux


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