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Three years ago my brother and I began to establish a herd of ‘rare’ or ‘traditional’ breed pigs based near Richmond in the Yorkshire Dales.My brother does the farming and I do the marketing and administration,etc.We now have about 300 pigs and approx. 10 per week are ready for the butcher.We have three of the breeds which are recognised by the ‘Rare Breeds Survival Trust’ as being vulnerable or endangered – Gloucestershire Old Spots,Berkshires,and British Lops.All our pigs are reared outdoors,they are fed a GM and growth enhancer free diet,and our use of antibiotics, negligible.This produces a very high quality pork which is currently receiving ‘rave’ reviews from celebrity chefs and cookery writers and we are ourselves supplying Michelin starred and AA Rosetted chefs in North Yorkshire.

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