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This place is Gallic through & through, from the staff to the coffee, & the menu has lashings of cream, butter & meat to get stuck into. Steaming bowls of cassoulet or cote de boeuf are not exactly for the figure-conscious, but the menu sorts out those hunger pangs & is great fun.

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38- 40 Queenstown Road
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Clapham Junction
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Heures d'ouverture
Du lundi au Samedi de midi à 23h (jusqu'à 22h30 le dimanche)


09/07/2012 - bnjmnbenvenuti a dit :

I've worked in this restraurant a few night. The boss is awfull: insulting, unrespectuous, unfair, intolerant, and do everything to avoid to pay his employees. So, please, don't go ang give money to him, because he really doesn't deserve it.(Sorry about my english).

07/07/2011 - benjamintemplemills a dit : note * * * * *

A bunch of us all live between Le Pot and use it as a gathering point. After reading all the comments, I must say I am shocked. Patrick has a fantastic sense of humour if you realise that he is French and he loves what he does. The food is admittedly sometimes hit and miss but you are not at Le Caprice or Petrus so what do you expect. We all love going there for the food, one of the best Steak Tartare’s in London, I challenge you to find another. What also surprises me is that so many people have the time to write these negative comments… get a life springs to mind. Should you not like a true French atmosphere and good food, don’t go, if you do, I highly recommend.

28/05/2011 - patrick.t a dit : note * * * * *

Une experience que j'espere j'oublerai tres vite.
Etant francais moi meme,en restauration moi meme,je possede sans doute une tolerance envers mes "collegues" sans doute exarcebee puisque je conais les alleas du metier,ses joies,ses anxites,ses demandes et ses plaisirs..
Ce dinner que j'ai partage avec ma femme aurait du etre une soiree speciale,mais l'ambiance imposee par le patron insultant son personnel contraceptive et je mesure mes propos.
Rien ne justifie ce spectacle,rien ne justifie un personnel tremblant,pleurant et de ce fait une qualite d'execution tres faible..fatalement.
Le stress impose par le patron est transmis et reflete par son staff qui a son tour a la generosite de nous en ne vias pas au restaurant pour ces raisons..
J'essaie en vain de trouver un point positif......
Un endroit a eviter tant que les gens qui y travaille et leur employeur ne sont pas traites,les 1ers avec respect et l'autres avec des cachets !!

06/12/2010 - laguepe a dit :

I am French and i can tell you that this restaurant is the shame of French food!
I ve just read at the top of this page, which is writing in french that the owner of the restaurant (Patrick) is really rude to his staff, he always puts his staff down and one of them would like to stop working there but Patrick told him that he will not be paying him his 2 week's wages!!!!! and that he will do everything to have the law on his side!!!! what a b******!!! he doesn t pay the extra-hours that his staff are doing and they are doing sometimes nearly 60 hours a week!!!!

J espere que son restaurant ne tiendra pas longpts...

14/10/2010 - mary.gladwin a dit : note * * * * *

I live locally and have dined and had coffee and breakfast frequently at this restaurant/cafe. I have always found the service to be typically French in everyway and in this way it reminds me of France so much that I go there to have a 'taste of je ne sais quoi' honestly the french attitude is so locally French that it gives me a smile every time I visit.

07/08/2010 - azerty26.0 a dit :

J'y ai travailler cet été. Le patron (Patrick) est une personne ignoble qui traites les employés comme des sous merdes. Tout le temps en train de faire des remarques pour rabaisser les jeunes qui y travaillent. Quand j'ai voulu démissionné, il m'a dit que s'il ne voulait pas me payer il ne le ferait pas. Et que pour avoir la loi de son côté, il me ferais craquer pour que je parte de moi même sans récupérer mon préavis (2 semaines de travail à plus de 60H/semaine). De plus, il ne paye pas beaucoup pour le temps de travail effectué. Pire, il ne paye pas toute les heures effectués qui étaient convenu au départ.
Si je peux vous donner un conseil, n'y allez pas travailler et surtout, n'allez pas manger là-bas pour faire tourner son commerce.

22/01/2010 - sarahb a dit :

What a difference to the old Le Bouchon that was so wonderful.

08/01/2010 - smokinflyspray a dit : note * * * * *

a rip off! moody staff too. Id advise giving it a miss.

31/12/2009 - Me a dit :

Don't listen to this grumpy g@t! We live round the corner and visit often. The owner is just a typical French guy - All the shoulder shrugs and very dry humour one expects, and never more than helpful and lovely with our kids, despite not being a 'kid' restaurant.

26/11/2009 - goosemanonezillion a dit : note * * * * *

I had the gross misfortune of dining here last night in celebration of a family birthday. As we entered and took our seats we turned to oneanother and commented on the coldness of the room. We asked for the heating to be turned up on two occasions, a request which was eventually grudgingly met by the manager. I and three others at the table ordered steak frites (usually my favourite dish) with foie gras for starters. I didnt know where to look when the tiny caramelized portion of foie gras turned up, accompanied by some fairly pretentious dribbles of 'jus' It tasted much as I'd imagine dog food to, with a revolting cloying texture. I was prepared to overlook this at this point, however, but one of our party wrapped the entire thing in a handkerchief to throw away. My brothers onion soup had a broad strata of oil about an inch deep across the top. The onions in the soup were undercooked and acid tasting. Sugar had clearly been added to counteract this, resulting in a revolting mess.
After the dishes were cleared, we endured a twenty minute wait for the main course. Drinks were delivered painfully slowly too, odd for a restaurant that appeared to only have four tables occupied. The table next to us also sent back a cold steak as we waited for ours.
The main course eventually arrived delivered in a characteristically surly fashion. I tucked in, eagerly anticipating a textured juicy steak with bearnaise sauce. I was met with a texture that resembled cotton wool, dry and awful. It tasted as if the steak had been frozen at some point. After one mouthful, I decided to give the steak a miss- something I have never done in my life. I would say the chips were sub Mc donalds standard, actually grossly unfair, they were sub Mc Cains microwave standard, wooden flavourless, and dry. The steaks went back to the kitchen largely uneaten. The bearnaise sauce tasted like it had come from a sachet, awful. My sisters mussels also remained largely uneaten too, and duly sent back.
By this point we'd made the decision that this establishment was a dead loss, so decided not to dare with dessert or coffee. I made contact with the manager discreetly away from the table and told him in a very measured respectful tone that the food and service were not satisfactory. I didnt want to make a big fuss as this was a family occasion, and it really is not in my nature to complain, but I thought that as the manger he might want to know that his business was not up to scratch in this repect. I was met with a barrage of questioning as to why I didnt enjoy it in a pretty aggressive fashion. I didnt seem to be enough for the manager that no-one at the table enjoyed their food, and I was made to feel as if it was in some way my fault that the food was so poor. The managers attitude was extraordinary, he kept repeating that he has many customers and that the food was fine, so it was essentially my problem.
Eventually he returned to the table, across the virtually empty restaurant and had subtracted service from the bill along with one steak, despite the plates piled with uneaten food. The bill still came to over 160GBP for the 6 of us.We were made to feel unwelcome and unwanted by the manager. What a relief to be out of there!
All in all, a supremely depressing experience. Lazy, conceited and just embarrassing. This was nothing like any of the fine french restaurants Ive dined in over the last 30 years, more of a parody. It was a pale facsimilie of a restaurant, with no atmosphere, very poor food, dire service and complete disrespect for their customers.


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