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Pour les visas, prévoir une chaise pliante et un bon livre et un parapluie, l'attente pouvant durer des heures sur le trottoir! Notez qu'il y a deux entrées une pour les français et une autre pour les autres. La queue la plus courte est pour les français. Ne vous trompez pas. Rendez-vous: Les rendez-vous peuvent être pris sur le net ou par téléphone au 09065 540 700.

Business detail

21 Cromwell Road
Code postal
020 7073 1250
Closest tube
South Kensington
Heures d'ouverture
Lundi au jeudi: de 8h45 à 12h00
Vendredi: de 8h45 à 11h30 (sauf jours fériés français et britanniques)


18/08/2013 - chaybami a dit :

I reside in the UK, I am algerian citizen booked my ticket to Tunisia within three weeks time, the flight will stop in Paris (orly airport) for couple of hours and then I have to be transferred to another airport(charle de gaule)before boarding to Tunisia, do I have to apply for any kind of visa for this transit trip? please advise me.

12/06/2013 - Joebertochoa a dit :

12/06/2013 joeana

i want to get a visa for my mum to paris for August, for our 3 days Church gathering, we have the letters from our sister in faith resident of Paris and letter from our church minister in charge, also all the requirements needs to prepare we already completed. My mum is bere in london with uk family visit visa until end of this October, she have been here third time with no any lproblem. Can we apply here in London for her schengen visa?thank you very much!

25/03/2013 - samir_zahroun a dit :

Dear Sir,

Does a holder of UK ’s Convention Travel Document (Blue) need to apply in advance for a visa to enter France?
Please advise.

Best Regards
Samir Sabir

06/02/2013 - dcaplan a dit :

Try to remain calm at all costs.
Remember, the people you meet here are the representatives of France....they are not necessarily representative of France.

21/08/2012 - svisvanathan a dit :

I am a Sri Lankan Passport holder and lived in UK for 40 years. I am visiting my friend in Germany for a week and wish drive to through France to Germany. I have booked my ferry ticket from Dover to Dunkirk France. I have got my visa for Germany but do I need a transit visa for France. I am not stopping in France.
Please advice me
thank you

14/08/2012 - nat a dit :

Hi, We have been given an appointment for tomorrow (15th August) via TLS contact for a visa at 9am. The problem is that we think 15th August is a Bank Holiday in France so are not sure if this will be open. Could anyone please confirm?

15/05/2012 - Ianandsabforswitchome a dit :

It is the second Monday that the consulate is closed (30th April and 14th May). Where could I find information on accurate opening times? Thanks in advance.

07/05/2012 - aminesoukeur a dit : note * * * * *

Is the french consualate open on the 8th may 2012

02/05/2012 - patriciaconnell a dit :

The French Consulate will not be open on 7th May as this is a Bank Holiday.

30/04/2012 - Aminesoukeur a dit : note * * * * *

Is The French Consulat Open On May Bank Holiday 7Th Of may 2012 ??

17/04/2012 - john a dit :

I need advice as to arrange/apply for an inquest into the death of my brother in Toulouse. Can you give me details as to what I must do.

John Holly

04/03/2012 - cylia-2009 a dit :

i want to get a visa to paris for next month do i need to come to london and also how long will it take me??

06/02/2012 - patriciaconnell a dit :

Yes, your wife will need a visa. You should try and make an appointment with the French Consulate as soon as possible.

06/02/2012 - jameel.raj a dit :

I'm planning a visit to Disneyland in March with my wife, she's a Indian Passport holder, does she need a visa to visit france?

17/12/2011 - imran_dindaroglu a dit :

I am a turkish nationality who lives in london. I have a live to remine in london do i need a visa to visit france?

23/11/2011 - rehnakosar2 a dit :

we have family come from pakistan to visit the uk on a family visa for 6 months, can they also apply here for a one day visa to france at xmas

18/07/2011 - horsehouse52 a dit :

I had my French passport stolen and need to replace it.

27/04/2011 - marclvicogne a dit :

I have had my french passport stolen (reported to the local authorities and french consulat.
how do I go to get a new one

18/04/2011 - ravoorir a dit :

we got indian passport and we are hsmp resident permit in uk. so we would like to visit paris. can we get a visa in single day or not

27/10/2009 - rosewood1986 a dit :

I am pakistani citizen and would like to visit paris with my wife who is british citizen what do i have to do in order to get visa for paris


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