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29/11/2010 - eddie.colin a dit :

I am a French national living in London for the last 25 years (so English is not a problem) and a keen petanque player.

I have just seen your comment on your petanque club. I am part of the London region petanque association, made up of a number of French native speakers and if you are interested, we could arrange a demonstration/coaching day for your students. This could also be done in French if this can help in the promotion of the language.

There is quite a good spot for playing petanque in South London (Cleaver Square, 2 mins walk from Kennington tube station). I am not sure if this is suitable but we are flexible on the venue.

I would be happy to discuss further with you if this is of interest.

18/09/2010 - michael.brett a dit :

Hello I am Head of English in a prep school in South London. We have just started a Petanque Club for 11-13 year olds. Are there any other schools in the general area who would like to play us? (If they were French kids, it would be nice. We are keen on promoting the French Language in the school.)


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