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Porte Des Lilas

Porte Des Lilas

acteurs : Pierre Brasseur, Georges Brassens, Henri Vidal, Dany Carrel

année : 1957

couleur : non

interdit : U

réalisateur : Rene Clair

durée : 95

A guitar player who calls himself "The Artist" strikes up a friendship with a dim-witted slob named Juju, who drinks too much and who has taken a fancy to Maria, the daughter of his pub landlord. To repay a small gesture of friendship, Juju steals several tins of pâté de foie gras from a grocer’s shop. At the time, the police are evacuating the area because a notorious armed crook is in the vicinity. When they learn that the police are carrying out a house to house search, Juju and the artist throw the tins of pâté out of a window, and, after the search, they go and retrieve them. Returning to the artist’s shack, they are confronted by crook, Pierre Barbier.


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