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Objets de decoration de qualite

Mathilde M Creation est distribuée par les commerces suivants


01/10/2012 - Shaneandjennyclark a dit :

I would love to buy some of the exquise marquise I got as a gift would love to Kniw where I could get more ??? Please help.

08/07/2012 - carolyn.warner1 a dit :

I've recently bought Mathilde m in France and I would like to retail this brand in my shop. Can you please help.


05/12/2011 - sky020824 a dit :

I am very much interested in importing Mathilde M from wholesaler to Korea. Pls kidnly help me to serch for competitive wholesaler. Thanks.

01/12/2011 - ktears99 a dit :

hi i love mathilde m ~~!! i want to make a shop for this. i want to buy ??(^-^)/
can you email me?

09/10/2011 - sunelle a dit :

I would like to buy mathilde-m products interesting importing products from the wholesaler to south - africa, any help please!!

26/08/2011 - marta01 a dit :

We are one of gift goods wholesaler in South Korea
We want buy MATHILDE M product

If you can sell Mathilde M product
please contact to us our e-mail address

09/08/2011 - jodiprice a dit :

Hi, I would like to sell some of the Mathilde M. range and need to find a wholesaler to buy the products from. Can anyone help?


03/08/2011 - kittybroers a dit :


I am looking for my little shop in France for an grossiste from Mathilde-m produits. Who can give me a numbre or email?

Thanks a lot.

Kitty France

05/03/2011 - kateomahony a dit :

Hi, I sell Mathilde M in my shop 'Forget Me Not'in Ireland, its no problem to send it anywhere in the world including the states. I have a large range of all the different fragrances. The shops no is 353526189745.

16/10/2010 - caterina.g a dit :

you can find a large choice of Mathilde M's decoration, room sprays, pillow sprays, scented items and soaps on

28/08/2010 - tj123monty a dit :

I am looking for mathilde m Fleur de coton fragrance and would like to buy some. Do you have mail order? I live in Canada.

08/06/2010 - ggupthehill a dit :

I received a gift of perfume and little wafers of the same scent, I just love it but don't know where I can get it. I live in California. Do you have mail order?


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