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Nous avons testé pour vous le dernier né en matière de crème hydratante. Apot.Care contient principalement de l’acide hyaluronique. La crème est riche et ne nécessite qu'une petite dose pour chaque utilisation. Après seulement quelques jours, ma peau était beaucoup plus douce et souple au touché. Sans aucun doute une des meilleures crèmes hydratantes sur le marché. 80 euros en France. £110 à Londres.

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27/02/2012 - sraahashwell a dit :

yes, I love these products! I have just got the serum and the moistuizer and went back today for more!
Have spoke to the company and they tell me they have had products stolen hence the price of these in the UK! They should not of been sold in TKmax and places alike.. (I got mine from a factory shop for a tenner!) OOPS... wont be able to afford these products otherwise.. if you can great do buy them!

10/02/2012 - alitagavileno a dit :

I bought one of this cream at TKMaxx OMG after one week I could see the difference. Even my nine year old girl told me that my skin looks amazing. Then I went back to TKMaxx but they don't have it and I keep checking in store coz the one I have is going to finish.

22/01/2012 - babyblue1878 a dit :

Hurry on down to TK Maxx where you can get it for £7.00 yes £7.00 if there are any left of course!!!

22/12/2011 - stephaniemessiou a dit :

Yes this product is Super deluxe stuff, just one dsay of using and I have seen the difference to my tired sluggish skin!XX Thank you Opot.careXXX ten out of ten!

18/03/2011 - nubian a dit :

OMG! My girlfriend works for a high end department store In which I cannot afford to shop. Her store decided not to carry the product so they gave the samples to their employees. My girlfriend game it to me. OMG! I swear I look ten years younger in just 2 mons. Her store was crazy not to carry this product. I hope I can purchase it somewhere else. It not I will lose my fountain of youth.

25/05/2010 - euronewyorker a dit : note * * * * *

I'm using the eye cream, I've got very sensitive eyes and I have to say I'm been surprised by this product.

12/04/2010 - domastro a dit : note * * * * *

My favorite cream ever!


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